Arthur (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

Arthur (1) Harrison was born on March 6th 1896 [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 241, 1896 (Q2)] to parents George (1) Harrison and his wife Emma "Agnes" (nee Button). He was christened on April 1st 1896 at All Souls in Ancoats, Manchester, the baptism register citing his birthdate and giving his parental address as 13, Pitt Street, Manchester.

The 1901 Census finds him aged "5" living with his parents at 4, Pitt Street, Manchester.

He did not marry.

He enlisted for WW1 in the 1st Battalion of the Manchester Regiment, serving with the Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force. He was killed in action in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) on January 9th 1917 and after the Armistice he was interred in the Amara War Cemetery, as recorded on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission page.

A descendant has transcribed the inscription to him that appears on the gravestone of his sister Mary (1) [Phillips Park Cemetery: Reference L1631] as follows:

also Arthur their son killed in action at Mesopotamia Jan 9 1918 [in error], aged 20 years Duty nobly done