Elizabeth (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

Elizabeth (1) Harrison was born in 1849 to parents Michael (2) Harrison and his first wife Mary (nee Dibley) [Birth Index: Basingstoke 7 54, 1849 (June)]. No christening record has yet been found for her.

She was with her parents in the 1851 and 1861 Censuses, and with her widowed father in the 1871 Census.

In 1873 she married John Lansdown [Marriage Index: Basingstoke 2c 407, 1873 (Dec)]. He was born in 1850 to parents James Lansdown and his wife Elizabeth [Birth Index: Hungerford 6 219, 1850 (June)] and was christened at Lambourn, Berkshire on October 6th 1850 [IGI: Batch C023011].

The fact that Lambourn was the birthplace of both John Lansdown and the second husband John Dennis of Elizabeth (1)'s aunt Amelia - the former wife of James (1) Harrison - is unlikely to have been coincidental.

The 1881 Census finds Elizabeth (1) and John with two children living in Henley Road, Caversham in Oxfordshire where John was occupied as a general labourer.

The 1891 Census finds the family living in Skinfield Road, Reading St. Giles in Berkshire where John was occupied as a farm servant.

The 1901 Census finds the family living in Whiteknights Lodge, Southern Hill in Reading St. Giles where John was occupied as the lodge keeper.

Her children by John Lansdown

  1. William Lansdown - [Birth Index: Basingstoke 2c 198, 1876 (March)]
  2. Mary Jane Lansdown - [Birth Index: Basingstoke 2c 186, 1878 (June)]
  3. John Lansdown - [Birth Index: Reading 2c 385, 1881 (Dec)]
  4. Elizabeth Clara Lansdown - [Birth Index: Reading 2c 385 (also), 1886 (March) - indexed as "Lansdowne"]
  5. Edith Annie Lansdown - [Birth Index: Reading 2c 352, 1890 (Dec)]