George (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

George (1) Harrison was born in 1860 to parents Michael (2) Harrison and his first wife Mary (nee Dibley). His birth certificate [Birth Index: Basingstoke 2c 177, 1860 (March)] states that he was born on February 19th 1860. His father, who registered the birth, was then occupied as a farm labourer. He was christened at Mapledurwell on April 15th 1860 [IGI: Batch I017228].

He was with his parents in the 1861 Census.

The 1871 Census finds him aged "12" living in the household of a labourer James Nokay in Up Nately, Hampshire where he was occupied as a carter boy.

The 1881 Census finds him aged "21" boarding in the household of a railway porter William Drinkstone at 6, Cresswell Street in Chorlton on Medlock, Lancashire and occupied as a carter. Also present were his brothers William (1) and Michael (3).

In 1887 he married Emma "Agnes" Button. Their marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Chorlton 8c 797, 1887 (Sept)] states that they married at St. Thomas Ardwick parish church on July 30th 1887. He is described as a carter aged "27" and she as aged "23" with no cited occupation. His father is described as a (deceased) labourer and hers as a joiner. Their address is given as No. 1, Back [of] Downing Street. The witnesses were his brother William (1) and the latter's wife Selina.

Emma "Agnes" was born at York in 1864 to parents John Button and his wife Harriet (nee Hardcastle). Her birth certificate [Birth Index: York 9d 16, 1864 (Sept)] names her simply as "Emma" and states that she was born at her parents' address in North Street, All Saints parish on June 18th 1864. Her father was occupied as a journeyman joiner. She was christened as "Emma Agnes" at All Saints church on September 4th 1864 [IGI: Batch C108601].

The 1891 Census finds them with two children living at 13, Pitt Street in Openshaw, Manchester where George (1) was occupied as a carter.

The 1901 Census finds them with five children living at 4, Pitt Street where George (1) was occupied as an iron works carter.

in 1917, when his son Arthur (1) died, George (1) was living at 118, Mill Street in Ancoats, Manchester.

George (1) died (or was buried) on October 28th 1937 aged "77" and Emma "Agnes" died in June 1963 aged "99".

His children by Emma "Agnes" Button

  1. Mary (1) Harrison
  2. George (2) Harrison
  3. Harold (1) Harrison
  4. Arthur (1) Harrison
  5. Ethel (1) Harrison
  6. Hannah (1) Harrison
  7. Lilian (1) Harrison
  8. and perhaps ... John Richard (1) Harrison
  9. and possibly others ...