Harold (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

Harold (1) Harrison was born on July 3rd 1893 to parents George (1) Harrison and his wife Emma "Agnes" (nee Button) [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 235, 1893 (Sept)].

The 1901 Census finds him aged "7" living with his parents at 4, Pitt Street, Manchester.

In 1914 he married Nellie Griffiths [Marriage Index: Hereford 6a 1243, 1914 (June)]. Her true forename may have been Ellen or Ethel. [to be checked]

A relative reports that Harold (1) served as a stretcher bearer in WW1, and that Nellie died around 1974. [unverified]

It is not yet known when or where he died.

His children by "Nellie" Griffiths

  1. perhaps ...Eva (1) Harrison