James (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

James (1) Harrison was born probably to parents Michael (1) Harrison and his wife Elizabeth (nee Smith). No christening record has yet been found for him.

He married Amelia Moss at Basing, Hampshire on October 28th 1826 [IGI: Batch 7412903]. She was born in Basing around 1801.

The 1841 Census finds Amelia aged "40" living with six children at Mapledurwell in the same household as Michael (1) and Elizabeth. James (1) was not present and may have been no longer alive, although no convincing GRO death reference has yet been found for him prior to this date. However, if he were merely residing elsewhere in 1841 then he may have died in 1843 [Death Index: Basingstoke 7 38, 1843 (March)].

The 1851 Census finds Amelia aged "50" and widowed living with just her children James and Jane at 8, The Street in Mapledurwell where she was occupied as a nurse. The other three children christened after Jane appear to have already died.

In 1860 Amelia remarried to a widower and coppice dealer John Dennis [Marriage Index: Basingstoke 2c 365, 1860 (Dec)]. John was born around 1801 in Lambourn, Berkshire.

The 1861 Census finds Amelia and John living at Round Town in Winslade, Hampshire together with John's unmarried son William Dennis.

The 1871 Census finds Amelia and John still living at Round Town together with William Dennis and the latter's wife.

John died aged "70" in 1871 [Death Index: Basingstoke 2c 129, 1871 (Sept)] and Amelia died aged "78" in 1879 [Death Index: Basingstoke 2c 118, 1879 (Dec)].

His children by Amelia Moss

the christenings below all took place at Mapledurwell [IGI: Batch I017228]
  1. George Harrison - christened on January 24th 1827
  2. William Harrison - christened on October 4th 1829
  3. James Harrison - christened on May 1st 1831
  4. Jane Harrison - christened on January 9th 1833
  5. Mary Harrison - christened on October 25th 1835
  6. Daniel Harrison - christened on November 12th 1837
  7. Elizabeth Harrison - christened on December 25th 1838 [Birth Index: Basingstoke 7 40, 1838 (Dec)].
  8. and possibly others ...

The above daughter Mary probably died in 1845 [Death Index: Basingtoke 7 29, 1845 (Sept)] or in 1846 [Death Index: Basingtoke 7 34, 1846 (March)].

The above son Daniel probably died soon after birth [Death Index: Basingtoke 7 32, 1837 (Dec)].

The above daughter Elizabeth probably died in 1848 [Death Index: Basingtoke 7 39, 1848 (Sept)].