Jane (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

Jane (1) Harrison was born in 1851 to parents Michael (2) Harrison and his first wife Mary (nee Dibley) [Birth Index: Basingstoke 7 54, 1851 (June)] and was christened at Mapledurwell on June 1st 1851 [IGI: Batch I017228].

She was with her parents in the 1861 Census.

The 1871 Census finds her aged "19" living in the household of a draper and upholsterer Thomas White in the High Street, Aldershot in Hampshire where she was occupied as a cook.

In 1875 she married Luke Churcher [Marriage Index: Farnham 2a 146, 1875 (March)]. He was born in Winchester, Hampshire in 1847 [Birth Index: Winchester 7 255, 1847 (June)].

The 1881 Census finds them living with three children in Ash and Normandy, Surrey where Luke was occupied as a gardener.

The 1891 Census finds them living with four children at Waterloo Farm in West Horsley, Surrey where Luke was now occupied as a groom.

Jane (1) died aged "44" in 1895 [Death Index: Guildford 2a 45, 1895 (June)].

Later that year Luke remarried to Anne (nee?) Williams [Marriage Index: Hackney 1b 816, 1895 (Dec)]. She was born in Talley, Carmarthenshire around 1849.

The 1901 Census finds Luke living with Anne and two children at 4, Oxford Arms Road off Station Road in Midhurst, Sussex where he was now occupied as a bricklayer's labourer.

It is not yet known when or where Luke died.

Her children by Luke Churcher

  1. Herbert Churcher - born in Aldershot - [Birth Index: Farnham 2a 94, 1875 (Sept)]
  2. Maud Churcher - born in Aldershot - [Birth Index: Farnham 2a 114, 1877 (March) - indexed as "female Churcher"]
  3. Mary Churcher - [Birth Index: Basingstoke 2c 199, 1880 (June)]
  4. Arthur Churcher - born in Bramley - [Birth Index: Hambledon 2a 141, 1886 (Sept)]
  5. Alice Churcher - born in West Horsley - [Birth Index: Guildford 2a 67, 1888 (Dec)]
  6. and possibly others ...

The 1901 Census finds the above son Herbert living or staying with his married aunt Mary Ann (1) at 178, Sunnyhill Road, Streatham in London and occupied as a gardener.

The above daughter Maud was not with her parents in the 1891 Census or with her father in the 1901 Census. She may have died in childhood but no GRO death reference has yet been found for her.