Lilian (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

Lilian (1) Harrison was born in 1907 to parents George (1) Harrison and his wife Emma "Agnes" (nee Button) [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 230, 1907 (Dec)]. A relative's report gives the birthdate as October 23rd and the birthplace as 4, Pitt Street. [unverified]

A relative reports that Lilian (1) married Albert Belfield, that Albert was born on February 13th 1906 at 13, Wilton Street in Ancoats [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 225, 1906 (March)], that he died on April 9th 1940 and that she died at Wythenshaw on October 25th 1972. [unverified]

It may be that Albert actually died on November 9th 1940 and that the date conflict arises from a misreading of a relative's note of "9/11/1940" as "9/4/1940", since confusing "11" with "4" is a highly frequent error in the transcription of handwritten dates. If this is so, he is probably the Albert Belfield who died whilst serving as a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps and who is commemorated at the Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey. Further details are given on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission page, but they do not mention his age, family or place of death.

Nothing more is currently known of Lilian (1).

Her child by Albert Belfield

  1. Pamela Belfield - born on February 13th 1937 at 20, Nell Lane in Withington, Manchester [unverified]