Mary (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

Mary (1) Harrison was born in 1888 to parents George (1) Harrison and his wife Emma "Agnes" (nee Button). Her birth reference is probably [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 226, 1888 (Dec)].

She was known familiarly as "Polly" within her family.

The 1891 and 1901 Censuses find her living with her parents in Manchester.

She died aged 22 in 1910 [Death Index: Manchester 8d 127, 1910 (Dec)]. A descendant has transcribed the inscription on Mary (1)'s grave [Phillips Park Cemetery: Reference L1631] as follows:

In loving memory of Mary, the beloved daughter of George & Emma A. Harrison died Dec 12 1910, in her 23rd year "only asleep"

The grave also bears an inscription for her brother Arthur (1).