Michael (1) Harrison

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Brief biography

Michael (1) Harrison's origins are currently undetermined. He was born in Hampshire around 1765.

He married Elizabeth Smith at Nately Scures - which lies about 4-5 miles east of Basingstoke in Hampshire - on April 10th 1796 [IGI: Batch A458305]. She was born around 1776, probably in Nately Scures.

The 1841 Census finds him at age "76" living with Elizabeth in Mapledurwell in the same household as the wife (or widow) Amelia of their presumed son James (1). Michael (1) was occupied as an agricultural labourer. Mapledurwell - often spelled as Maplederwell - lies about 3 miles south-east of Basingstoke.

He died probably in 1844 [Death Index: Basingtoke 7 41, 1844 (March)], and Elizabeth died probably in 1848 [Death Index: Basingtoke 7 39, 1848 (Sept)].

His children by Elizabeth Smith

  1. probably ... James (1) Harrison
  2. Michael (2) Harrison
  3. and probably others ...