Alfred William (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

Alfred William (1) Hogger was born around 1879 at Groton to parents Benjamin (1) Hogger and his wife Georgianna Adelaide (nee) Golding. The GRO reference is [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 557, 1879 (March)].

The 1881 and 1891 Censuses find him living with his parents in Groton.

The little that is known of him comes mostly from Small Worlds [SW]. This relates that he was known in the family simply as Bill and was of short physical stature; his primary career was with the Royal Navy, perhaps initially as a coxwain; he was credited with a heroic action during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 on the China Sea, when he stayed alone on an ammunition ship and, by his signalling and devotion to duty, saved the Fleet in some way. His son Herbert William (1) stated that Alfred William (1) served also in the Great War (1914-18) and eventually rose to the rank of Chief Yeoman of Signals; after leaving the Navy he worked for the National Provincial Bank (probably in Torquay, Devon) until his retirement.

He married Ella (nee) Copping in Kent in 1903 [Marriage Index: Medway 2a 1411, 1903 (Dec)]. She had been born in Old Brompton, Kent around early 1886 [Birth Index: Medway 2a 632, 1886 (March)] and baptised at St. Paul's, Chatham on September 7th 1887. She has not been found in the 1891 Census but in 1901 was living, with a younger brother William, at 112, Charter Street, Chatham St. Paul's in the household of a sawyer Edward Emberson and his wife Elizabeth, described as their niece; she was then occupied as a sewing machinist.

The site owner possesses one mid-quality photograph of Alfred William (1), taken at the wedding of Herbert William (1), in which he bears a striking resemblance to his cousin John Ernest George (1) Hogger.

Ella died aged "50" in 1937 [Death Index: Newton Abbot 5b 198, 1937 (March)].

Alfred William (1) died aged "79" on May 31st 1958 [Death Index: Newton Abbot 7a 509, 1958 (June)]; probate was granted to his son Herbert William (1), then living at "Edale", St. Vincents Road, Torquay and described as a local government officer.

His children by Ella Copping

  1. Leonard Alfred (1) Hogger [Birth Index: Medway 2a 764, 1908(Sept)]
  2. Herbert William (1) Hogger

Herbert William was born in Kent in 1909 [Birth Index: Medway 2a 702, 1909 (Dec)]. He married in Devon in 1939 to Isabella Rosalie Nugent [Marriage Index: Newton A. 5b 487, 1939 (Sept)]. They produced just two children - John and Michael - and lived most of their lives in Torquay. He died in 1989 [Death Index: Newton A. Reg 1189 Vol 21 Page 1674, 1989 (June)].