Ann Hale

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Brief biography

Ann Hale was born to parents John Hale and his wife Lydia (nee) Lydle; she was christened on November 27th 1815 at Barrow, Suffolk [PR: Cosford DB].

She married John Golding [Marriage Index: Thingoe 13 1113, 1840 (Dec)] on October 22nd 1840 at Barrow [PR: Cosford DB]. He was born around 1800 at Great Bradley, Suffolk.

The 1841 Census finds them living at Gedding, Suffolk with their first child Ann Purkis aged "4 months". John was occupied as a miller.

The 1851 Census finds them living with five children at Walsham le Willows, Suffolk where John was an unemployed miller.

John died during the following decade. His death reference may be [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 340, 1855 (March)].

The 1861 Census finds Ann widowed at age "45" living with three of her daughters at a property named "Butterlin" in Rougham, Suffolk where she was occupied as a schoolmistress.

The 1871 Census finds Ann at age "54", living by herself at 26, Eastgate Street in St. James parish, Bury St. Edmunds where she was occupied as a dressmaker.

The 1881 Census finds Ann at age "64" visiting her married daughter Elizabeth Rosetta in Birch, Essex.

Ann probably died aged "73" in 1888 [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 417, 1888 (March)].

Her children by John Golding

  1. Ann Purkis Golding - probably [Birth Index: Stow 12 434 (page unclear), 1841 (March) - indexed as "Ann"] - christened February 8th 1841
  2. Georgianna Adelaide Golding
  3. Mary Ann Golding - [Birth Index: Stow 12 445, 1845 (June)] - christened August 17th 1845
  4. Clarissa Susan Golding - [Birth Index: Stow 12 441, 1847 (June)] - christened April 2nd 1848
  5. Elizabeth Rosetta Golding - [Birth Index: Stow 12 472, 1849 (June) - indexed as "Rosetta"] - christened January 6th 1850

The first four children above were christened at Gedding, Suffolk, whilst Elizabeth Rosetta was christened at Barrow [PR: Cosford DB].

In 1866 Ann Purkis married a house painter Arthur Henry Osborne [Marriage Index: Bury St. E. 4a 696, 1866 (Sept)]. The 1871 Census finds them with one child living at 38, St. John's Street in Bury St. Edmunds. The 1881 Census finds them at the same address with three children. Ann Purkis died aged "69" in 1910 [Death Index: Ipswich 4a 590, 1910 (March)].

The 1871 Census finds Mary Ann aged "25" unmarried and living at Easthorpe Hall in Easthorpe, Warwickshire where she was occupied as a housekeeper. Later that year she married Jesse Poulter [Marriage Index: Bury St. E. 4a 1051, 1871 (Dec)]. He was born in Farnham, Surrey around early 1844 [Birth Index: Farnham 4 126, 1844 (March)]. The 1881 Census finds them living with four children in Binley Lane, Willenhall in Warwickshire where Jesse was occupied as a gardener. The 1891 Census finds the family living at the "New Bull & Butcher" in Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire where Jesse was occupied as a publican and farmer. He died aged "56" in 1900 [Death Index: Rugby 6d 369, 1900 (June)]. The 1901 Census finds Mary Ann widowed and living with her children and brother-in-law Albert Poulter at Lodge Farm in Ryton on Dunsmore and occupied as a farmer. She died aged "73" in 1917 [Death Index: Rugby 6d 788, 1917 (June)].

The 1871 Census probably finds Clarissa Susan as "Clara Golding" aged "28" living in the household of a magistrate and land owner Charles A. Schrieber at "Roundwood" in Woodbridge Road, Ipswich St. Margaret where she was occupied as a housemaid. In 1875 she married in London - probably in Pimlico - to Henry Muzzell [Marriage Index: St. Geo.H.Sq. 1a 485, 1875 (March)]. He was born in Brighton in 1852 [Birth Index: Brighton 2b 214, 1852 (Dec)]. The 1881 Census finds them living with two young daughters - Clara born in Scotland and Violet born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey - at "Court House" in Burley, Rutland where Henry was occupied as a coachman.

In 1880 Elizabeth Rosetta married John Nice [Marriage Index: Lexden 4a 675, 1880 (Dec)]. The 1881 Census finds them living at Hill Farm in Birch, Essex where John was occupied as a farm bailiff. Also present, as a visitor, was Elizabeth Rosetta's mother Ann.