Children of Frederick Morgan Bantock

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Frederick Morgan Bantock fathered the following children by Sarah (1) Hogger:

  1. Frederick Bantock
  2. Kate Bantock
  3. Thomas Bantock
  4. Sarah Ann Bantock

The following data is derived from the Cosford Database.

Frederick Bantock was christened on February 23rd 1845 at Lavenham and was buried there on September 5th 1861.

Kate Bantock was christened on August 16th 1846 at Lavenham. The 1861 Census finds her occupied as a dress-maker and lodging in Church Street, Lavenham with her mother's cousin Alfred (1) Hogger and his wife Amy.

She married a blacksmith Edgar John Lingley on April 17th 1873 at Lavenham. He was born around 1848 in Diss, Norfolk as the son of Edgar Clarke Lingley and his wife Mary Ann (nee) Vince. They produced the following children:

  1. Ellen Lingley - christened May 3rd 1874
  2. Kate Lingley - christened October 3rd 1875
  3. Fred Lingley - christened January 7th 1877
  4. May Lingley - born about 1880
  5. Laura Lingley - born about 1881

The first three children above were born at Lavenham and the last two at Nayland.

The 1881 Census finds Edgar John Lingley living at Bear Street in Nayland.

Thomas Bantock was christened on June 18th 1848 at Lavenham.

The 1861 Census finds him living with his grandmother Morgan Sarah Bantock at Prentice Street in Lavenham.

He married a woman named Annie who was born about 1853 in Wells, Somerset. They produced the following children:

  1. Kate R.J. Bantock - born about 1878
  2. Frederick C. G. Bantock - born about 1880

Their first child was born in Westminster, London and the second in Whitechapel, London.

The 1881 Census finds Thomas and his family living at 27 Commercial Road, St. George Hanover Square in London, at which time he was occupied as a general labourer and his wife Annie as a machinist.

Sarah Ann Bantock was born on December 1st 1849 at Lavenham, was baptised there on April 7th 1850 and was buried there on June 22nd 1850.