Bartholomew (3) Hogger

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Brief biography

Bartholomew (3) Hogger was born to parents Thomas (1) Hogger and his wife Mary (nee) Rainham. He was christened on January 16th 1789 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

He married Martha (nee) Lemon on May 5th 1811 at Monks Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB]. She was probably the daughter christened at Semer on June 9th 1792 to parents William and Martha Lemon [IGI: Batch C063112].

The 1841 Census finds them with six children living in High Street, Monks Eleigh. Bartholomew (3) was occupied as a farmer.

The 1851 Census finds them with their son James (4) living in Church Street, Monks Eleigh. Bartholomew (3) was occupied as a farmer of six acres. Martha's birthplace was entered, apparently in error, as Monks Eleigh.

The 1861 Census finds them still living in Church Street but with no one else. Bartholomew (3) was now occupied as a wheelwright. Here Martha's birthplace was entered as Semer.

Martha may have died in 1865 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 326, 1865 (March) - indexed under "Hoggar"].

Bartholomew (3) died aged "80" in 1868 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 325, 1868 (Sept)] and was buried at St. Peter's in Monks Eleigh on July 13th 1868, on the same day that his son William Lemon (1) was buried there [PR: Cosford DB].

His children by Martha Lemon

all the children below were christened at Monks Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB]
  1. William Lemon (1) Hogger
  2. Martha (1) Hogger
  3. Mary (4) Hogger - christened March 18th 1815
  4. Samuel (2) Hogger - christened October 19th 1817
  5. Thomas (6) Hogger
  6. Bartholomew John (1) Hogger
  7. Robert (1) Hogger
  8. Susan (1) Hogger - christened June 4th 1826
  9. James (4) Hogger - born in 1827, christened October 28th 1828
  10. Peter (2) Hogger

It is suspected that Mary (4) was fathered illegitimately, since a Filiation Order dated September 15th 1814 in respect of a daughter "Mary Hogger" was made upon Thomas Sparke, a wheelwright of Monks Eleigh [Suffolk Record Office, Bury St. Edmunds Branch: Ref. FL537/7/17 (1814)]. Thomas had already married Mary Wright two years earlier, on March 24th 1812 at Monks Eleigh [IGI: Batch M062571]. The 1841 Census finds him living there in the High Street with his wife and several children.

Mary (4) was in Bartholomew (3)'s household in the 1841 Census. In 1847 she married a blacksmith William Branford [Marriage Index: Cosford 12 493, 1847 (June)]. He was christened at Monks Eleigh on November 22nd 1818 to parents Daniel Branford and his wife Tabitha Moss [PR: Cosford DB]. Very soon after marrying, Mary (4) and William produced a son James Branford [Birth Index: Cosford 12 347, 1847 (June)] who died in infancy [Death Index: Cosford 12 240, 1847 (Sept)] and was buried at Monks Eleigh on August 21st 1847 [PR: Cosford DB]. The 1851 Census finds Mary (4) at age "36" living with William and no children in the High Street of Monks Eleigh where he was occupied as a smith. William died in 1852 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 253, 1852 (June) - indexed as "Bramford"] and was buried aged "33" at Monks Eleigh on June 26th, whilst Mary (4) died in 1859 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 281, 1859 (June) - also indexed as "Bramford"] and was buried aged "43" at Monks Eleigh on April 21st [PR: Cosford DB].

Samuel (2) was with his parents in the 1841 Census. He died in 1844 [Death Index: Cosford 12 224, 1844 (June)] and was buried aged "27" on May 19th 1844 at St. Peter's in Monks Eleigh [National Burial Index].

Susan (1) may been the "infant" buried on April 3rd 1829 at St. Peter's in Monks Eleigh [National Burial Index], but a more precise age would have been expected for a child aged over 2.

James (4) was with his parents in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses. Nothing is known of him subsequently.