Bartholomew John (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

Bartholomew John (1) Hogger was born to parents Bartholomew (3) Hogger and his wife Martha (nee) Lemon. He was christened on July 8th 1822 at Monks Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

In most census records he gave his name simply as "John".

The 1841 Census finds him as "John" at age "18" living in the household of a blacksmith Joseph Archer in Raydon, Suffolk where he was occupied as a blacksmith's apprentice.

The 1851 Census finds him as "John" at age "28", unmarried and living as a servant in the household of a widowed blacksmith Sarah Makings in Great Burstead, a village located two miles south of Billericay in Essex. He was occupied as a blacksmith.

He first partnered an unmarried woman named Sarah Butcher. No marriage reference has been found for them. By Sarah he fathered a child Martha (5) born in Raydon around 1854 and then apparently three further children, all born probably in Great Burstead.

Sarah Butcher was christened at Hadleigh on October 19th 1821 to parents Samuel Butcher and his wife Sarah [IGI: Batch C063181]. She was not with her parents in the 1841 Census and her location at that time is currently unknown. The 1851 Census finds her unmarried at age "29" living in Great Burstead in the household of a general practitioner William Carter where she was occupied as a cook. Her birthplace is given as Hadleigh. She appears to have died - as "Sarah Hoggar" - in 1859 [Death Index: Billericay 4a 80, 1859 (March)].

The 1861 Census finds him as "John" at age "37" and described as widowed. He had no children with him. He was lodging with the family of his younger cousin John (2) at Acton Green in Acton and was occupied as a blacksmith. His first daughter Martha (5) was meanwhile in the household of his older brother William Lemon (1), whilst his second daughter Sarah Ann (3) was living in Upper Street, Raydon with her mother's parents Samuel and Sarah Butcher.

In early 1871 he married a widow Eliza (nee Stearns) Chapman [Marriage Index: Cosford 4a 471, 1871 (March)]. He married her on January 21st at Acton; he gave his occupation as blacksmith; the witnesses were William Stearns and Mary Ann Hurst, whose connections are unknown [PR: Cosford DB]. Eliza was christened on April 22nd 1827 at Acton, the daughter of Charles Stearns and his wife Mary (nee) Campion [PR: Cosford DB]. She first married to a William Chapman [Marriage Index: Newmarket 3b 1257, 1857 (Dec)]. His origins are currently unknown. He appears to have died in 1860 [Death Index: Newmarket 3b 319, 1860 (Dec)]. The 1861 Census finds his widow Eliza living in the Duddery district of Newmarket and occupied as a cook.

The 1871 Census finds him as "Bartholomew John" at age "43" living with Eliza, but no children, at Acton Green where he was occupied as a blacksmith.

The 1881 Census finds him as "John" at age "54" living with Eliza, and again no children, in Folly Road in Great Waldingfield where he was occupied as a journeyman blacksmith.

Eliza died aged "62" in 1890 [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 433, 1890 (Dec)].

The 1891 Census finds him as "John B. Hogger" at age "67", once again a widower, still living in Folly Road and still occupied as a blacksmith.

He died - as "John Hogger" - aged "76" in 1896 [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 423, 1896 (Dec)].

His children by Sarah Butcher

  1. Martha (5) Hogger
  2. Sarah Ann (3) Hogger - [Birth Index: Billericay 4a 11x(unclear), 1856 (June)]
  3. Bartholomew John (2) Hogger - [Birth Index: Billericay 4a 138, 1859 (March) - indexed as "Hoggar"]
  4. Mary Ann (6) Hogger - [Birth Index: Billericay 4a 1x(unclear), 1859 (March) - indexed as "Hoggar"]

The 1871 Census finds Sarah Ann (3) at age "15" in Raydon - with her birthplace given as Billericay - occupied as a domestic nursemaid at Masons Bridge Farm in the household of a wealthy farmer William Kersey. The 1881 Census possibly finds her at age "23" as a servant living in the household of a barrister William John Abram at 22, Devonshire Road in St. Mary, Islington. Or, it possibly finds her at age "20" as a servant living in the household of a bank clerk William Barry at 25, Winchester Road in Willesden. Both of these Sarah Anns give their birthplace as simply "Essex". In 1883 she married her cousin Alfred Robert (1) Hogger [Marriage Index: Sudbury 4a 271, 1883 (March)]. The 1891 Census finds her living with him in the Southover district of Lewes in Sussex where he was occupied as a railway ticket inspector. Here her birthplace is given in error as Raydon. The 1901 Census finds her still living with him in Sussex, and gives her birthplace as Billericay. She died aged 78 in 1934 [Death Index: Lewes 2b 208, 1934 (Sept)].

Bartholomew John (2) and Mary Ann (6) were evidently twins.

Bartholomew John (2) died in infancy [Death Index: Billericay 4a 65, 1859 (June) - indexed as "Hoggar"].

No reference has yet been found to Mary Ann (6) following her birth, but it seems probable that, like her twin brother and her mother, she also died in the Spring of 1859. Or, she may have been taken in by some other family and subsequently adopted their surname.

His children by Eliza (nee Stearns) Chapman

  1. there were none ...