Eliza (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

Eliza (1) Hogger was born to parents John (1) Hogger and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Partridge, and was christened on August 26th 1821 at Monks Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1841 Census finds her living with her father at Barrow Hill, Acton.

In 1845 she married a harness-maker Edward Poole [Marriage Index: Sudbury 12 657, 1845 (June)]. They married on May 8th 1845 at Acton; the marriage was witnessed by Frederick Poole, Maria Parsons, John Hogger and Ann Hogger, whose connections are unknown; Edward, born around 1815 in Rattlesden, was the son of William Poole [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1851 Census finds Eliza (1) at age "30" living with Edward in Conduit Square, Chelmsford in Essex. There were no children with them.

Eliza (1) apparently died in 1859 [Death Index: Chelmsford 4a 80, 1859 (March)].

The 1861 Census finds Edward widowed at age "43" living in Duke Street, Chelmsford with his niece and housekeeper Ann Eliza Pattison who was aged "26" and was also born in Rattlesden.

It is not known where or when Edward died.

Her children by Edward Poole

  1. probably none ...