Eliza (2) Hogger

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Brief biography

Eliza (2) Hogger was born in 1864 to parents Peter (3) Hogger and his wife Lucy (nee) Snell [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 465, 1864 (June)]. She was christened on May 15th 1864 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

Neither she nor her parents have been found in the 1871 Census.

The 1881 Census finds her living at Grange Farm in Thorpe Morieux occupied as a general servant for a farmer William Russell. Her brother George (2) was there also, occupied as a farm servant.

In 1887 she married Walter Manning [Marriage Index: Cosford 4a 1175, 1887 (Dec)]. They married on October 13th 1887 at Thorpe Morieux; the witnesses were a Peter Hogger - probably her father - and Martha Taylor whose connection is unknown [PR: Cosford DB]. Walter was born at Thorpe Morieux around early 1857 [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 425, 1857 (March)].

The 1891 Census finds them with their first child living at Alms House Green in Thorpe Morieux where Walter was occupied as a coachman.

The 1901 Census finds them with two children living in Grundisburgh Road, Felixstowe where Walter was again occupied as a coachman.

Eliza (2) died at age "88" at Felixstowe but was buried at Brent Eleigh, on October 15th 1952. It is not known where or when her husband died.

Her children by Walter Manning

  1. Rachel Lavinia Manning - born at Thorpe Morieux [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 705, 1889 (June)]
  2. Frederick Charles Manning - born at Thorpe Morieux [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 711, 1891 (Dec)]