Ellen (3) Hogger

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Brief biography

Ellen (3) Hogger was born in 1861 to parents Peter (3) Hogger and his wife Lucy (nee) Snell [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 448, 1861 (June)]. She was christened on June 9th 1861 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

Neither she nor her parents have been found in the 1871 Census.

In 1880 she produced an illegitimate daughter Kate Maria (1). She alleged the father to be a farmer Robert Pryer, as evidenced by the following court report in The Bury Free Press newspaper:

June 19th 1880
Robert Pryer, gentleman and farmer of Brent Eleigh was charged with committing perjury in the last court in the matter of the application for an order of bastardy, Ellen Hogger, 19, sought to affiliate a female illegitimate child to the defendant. Ellen Hogger said she was formerly in the employ of the defendant and he was the father of her child, he had given her money on three occasions as well a knife and a purse. Case dismissed.

The 1881 Census finds her living at Bridge Street in Hadleigh occupied as a servant to Frederick Spalding. Meanwhile her daughter was in Peter (3)'s household.

In 1883 she married a bricklayer John (2) Taylor [Marriage Index: Cosford 4a 774, 1883 (June)]. They married on April 22nd at the Congregational Church in Hadleigh [PR: Cosford DB]. John (2) was a son of John (1) Taylor.

John (2) died (probably in Hadleigh) in 1890 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 370, 1890 (June)].

The 1891 Census finds Ellen (3) widowed and living with her children in Angel Street, Hadleigh. She was occupied as a sackmaker.

She probably remarried in 1892 to John Edward Green [Marriage Index: Cosford 4a 1325, 1892 (Dec)] and she probably died as "Ellen Green" aged "34" in 1896 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 387, 1896 (June)].

Her illegitimate child by father unknown (perhaps Robert Pryer)

  1. Kate Maria (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 585, 1880 (March)]

The 1891 Census finds Kate Maria (1) at age "11" living with her widowed mother in Hadleigh. The 1901 Census finds her at age "21" living in the household of a widowed corn merchant Julia C. Goodall at "The Mount" in Queen's Road, Sudbury St. Gregory where she was occupied as a general domestic servant.

Her children by John (2) Taylor

  1. John (3) Taylor - born in Semer about 1882/83
  2. William (1) Taylor - born in Hadleigh about 1884/85
  3. Charles (1) Taylor - born in Hadleigh about 1887/88
  4. and possibly others ...