Children of James Goodrich

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James Goodrich fathered the following children by Harriot Elizabeth (1) Hogger:

  1. Elizabeth Goodrich
  2. John Goodrich
  3. Thomas Goodrich
  4. Edward Goodrich
  5. Catherine Goodrich
  6. and possibly others ...

John Goodrich was born in 1853 in Stoke-by-Nayland.

The following data on John Goodrich is derived from the Cosford Database.

He married Eliza Ann (nee) Shipley on December 15th 1872. She was born around 1854 in St. Pancras, London. They produced the following children, all born in Islington:

  1. Lilly Elizabeth Goodrich - born around 1873
  2. George Henry Goodrich - born around 1876
  3. Rosina Goodrich - born around 1878
  4. Albert Edward Goodrich - born around 1880

The 1881 Census finds him living with his family at 449, Caledonian Road in Islington, London and occupied, as was his wife, as a hairdresser.

Albert Edward married Florence Annie Challis on August 5th 1905 and produced this child:

  1. Ronald Edward Goodrich - born around 1907

Ronald Edward married Maggie Muriel Reid on September 9th 1933. Maggie Muriel was born around 1909. They produced this child:

  1. Jane Margaret Goodrich - born around 1936

Ronald Edward died around 1989. Jane Margaret married Geffrey [sic] Patrick Gorman on August 9th 1958; he was born around 1926.

Catherine Goodrich was born in 1856 in Stoke-by-Nayland.

In 1877 she married in Portsmouth to a soldier Thomas Hardy [Marriage Index: Portsea 2b 779, 1877 (Sept)]. He was born in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire around 1847-48. They produced a son William H. Hardy born in Dover in 1880.

The 1881 Census finds them with their son living in what appears to be army accommodation at Western Heights, West District in Dover, Kent where Thomas was an infantry soldier.