Harriot Elizabeth (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

Harriot Elizabeth (1) Hogger was born to parents John (1) Hogger and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Partridge, and was christened on April 12th 1818 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1841 Census finds her living with her father at Barrow Hill, Acton.

In 1850, using the name "Elizabeth Hogger", she married James Goodrich [Marriage Index: Sudbury 12 901, 1850 (Dec)]. He was a widowed saddler then living in Nayland; they married at Acton on December 31st 1850; James was born of father Thomas Goodrich around 1808 in Bury St. Edmunds; the marriage was witnessed by Harriot's father and her brother John (2) [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1851 Census finds them living in Court Street, Nayland where James was occupied as a saddler.

The 1861 Census finds them living with five children at 39, Court Street in Nayland.

James died in 1864 [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 181, 1864 (June)].

The 1871 Census finds Harriot Elizabeth (1) - entered as "Elizabeth" - aged "52" and widowed living with two daughters at 1, Church Street in Nayland. She was occupied as a saddler and harness maker employing one man.

It appears that soon afterwards she moved to Portsmouth, Hampshire with at least her daughter Catherine. She died there aged "54" in 1874 [Death Index: Portsea I. 2b 326, 1874 (March) - indexed as "Elizabeth"]. Catherine married in Portsmouth three years later.

Her children by James Goodrich

All the following children were born in Stoke-by-Nayland.
  1. Elizabeth Goodrich - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 382, 1852 (March)]
  2. John Goodrich - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 378, 1853 (June)]
  3. Thomas Goodrich - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 384, 1854 (June)]
  4. Edward Goodrich - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 374, 1855 (June)]
  5. Catherine Goodrich - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 3..6 (page unclear), 1856 (June) - indexed as "Catharine"]
  6. and possibly others ...

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