Harriet (2) Hogger

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Brief biography

Harriet (2) Hogger was born on or about March 25th 1871 to parents Robert (2) Hogger and his wife Charlotte (nee) Bradley [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 468, 1871 (June)]. She was christened on May 7th 1871 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1871 Census finds her at age "7 days" living with her parents in Brent Eleigh. She is entered there as "Sarah Ann" but evidently her parents had decided upon "Harriet" by the time they had her christened and registered.

The 1881 Census finds her at age "10" living with her parents in Brent Eleigh.

The 1891 Census finds her at age "20" employed as a housemaid in the household of Thomas Skinner at 13, The Knoll in Beckenham, Kent.

She married William Richard Sherriff on September 1st 1896 at Brent Eleigh [Marriage Index: Cosford 4a 1235, 1896 (Sept)]. The marriage record describes him as a clerk residing at St. Paul's in Bermondsey, London; the witnesses were Alfred Hogger - who may have been Harriet (2)'s brother Alfred (2) - together with Ellen Tileheist and Maude Long, whose connections are unknown [PR: Cosford DB]. William Richard was the son of Richard Sherriff and his wife Mary Jane (maiden name unknown) and was born in 1870 [Birth Index: Kingsbridge 5b 221, 1870 (Sept) - indexed under "Sheriff"] at Modbury, Devon [Cosford DB].

The 1901 Census finds them with one child living at 78, Denmark Road in Camberwell where William Richard was occupied as a despatch clerk in a stationery office. This is the same address as that in which Harriet (2)'s cousin Robert (3) had been living at the time of the 1891 Census.

The 1911 Census finds them with two children and one boarder living at 43, Lowth Road in Camberwell where William Richard was occupied as a printer's despatch clerk. The National Reigster for England and Wales 1939 finds them still living at that address, by which time William was occupied as a printer's overseer.

William probably died around early 1942 [Death Index: Winchester 2c 260, 1942 (March)] and Harriet probably died around early 1963 [Death Index: Southampton 6b 1104, 1963 (March)].

Her children by William Richard Sherriff

  1. Richard Leslie R. Sherriff - [Birth Index: Camberwell 1d 817, 1900 (Dec)]
  2. Ivan Harold Sherriff - [Birth Index: Camberwell 1d 824, 1902 (June)]
  3. and one other who died in childhood ...