Henrietta Mary (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

Henrietta Mary (1) Hogger was born at Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk on October 6/7th 1892 to parents John (3) Hogger and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Dunt [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 677, 1892 (Dec)].

The 1901 Census finds her at age "8" living with her parents at the Post Office in Bury Road, Thorpe Morieux.

She married William Frank Chapman on June 13th 1921; he had been born on April 22nd 1892. They produced just the two children listed below.

William Frank died on January 9th 1968, and his widow Henrietta died on July 6th 1989.

Her children by William Frank Chapman

  1. John Frank Chapman - born July 11th 1927
  2. Betty Muriel Chapman - born December 22nd 1928

John Frank married Dorothy (nee) Hood on August 21st 1954 and produced two daughters and one son. Betty Muriel married Eric William Absolon [spelling uncertain] and produced three daughters and one son.