Children of Percy Hunt

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Percy Hunt fathered the following children by Dorothy (1) Hogger:

  1. Maureen Hunt
  2. David Hunt

The following data is derived from the Cosford Database.

Maureen Hunt was born on June 17th 1944 at Hertford in Hertfordshire. She married Billy Martin on September 9th 1964 at Great Braxted in Essex; he was born on November 14th 1938 at Endway, Tiptree in Essex. They produced the following children:

  1. Paul Martin
  2. Wendy Martin

Paul was born on July 6th 1965 at St. Peter's Hospital in Maldon, Essex, and Wendy was born on March 15th 1967 at Gorse Lane, Tiptree in Essex.

David Hunt was born on September 26th 1947 at Crossing Cottages in Leiston, Suffolk. He married Susan (nee) Day on September 29th 1973 at Clacton in Essex; she was born on December 28th 1946 at St. Albans in Hertfordshire. They produced the following children:

  1. Louise Hunt
  2. Emma Hunt

Louise was born on October 26th 1979 at the Maternity Hospital in Colchester, Essex, and Emma was born there on March 11th 1985.