John (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

John (1) Hogger was born to parents Thomas (1) Hogger and his wife Mary (nee) Rainham. He was christened on August 29th 1794 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

He married Elizabeth (nee) Partridge on February 17th 1818 at Monks Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB]. She was christened at a location unknown on August 9th 1797 [PR: Cosford DB].

In 1830, when his daughter Maria (3) was christened, he was living in Acton, Suffolk and occupied as a wheelwright [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1841 Census finds him living with several children at Barrow Hill, Acton where he was occupied as a wheelwright. Elizabeth was not present and is presumed to have died by then.

The 1851 Census finds John (1) widowed at age "56" living with two of his children at Barrow Hill where he was occupied as a wheelwright employing three men. Also present was his niece Theresa (1) aged "9", being the daughter of his brother Peter (1).

He has been sought extensively but unsuccessfully in the 1861 Census. He was most probably in Acton but eluded enumeration.

He died later in 1861 and was buried aged "67" on August 31st 1861 at All Saints in Acton [National Burial Index].

His children by Elizabeth Partridge

  1. Harriot [sic] Elizabeth (1) Hogger
  2. Eliza (1) Hogger
  3. Peter (4) Hogger - christened December 28th 1823 at Monks Eleigh
  4. Edward (1) Hogger
  5. Anna (1) Hogger
  6. John (2) Hogger
  7. Maria (3) Hogger - christened September 12th 1830 at Acton

The children above were christened variously at Brent Eleigh, Monks Eleigh or Acton [PR: Cosford DB].

Peter (4) was buried as an "infant" at Monks Eleigh on January 21st 1824.

Nothing more is known of Edward (1).

Maria (3) was buried at age 11 months on June 8th 1831 at All Saints in Acton [National Burial Index].