John (2) Hogger

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Brief biography

John (2) Hogger was born to parents John (1) Hogger and his wife Elizabeth (nee) Partridge, and was christened on February 22nd 1829 at Acton [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1841 Census finds him at age "12" living with his father at Barrow Hill, Acton.

The 1851 Census finds him at age "22" living with his father at Barrow Hill where he was occupied as a wheelwright.

In 1855 he married in London to Ann Frances Mills [Marriage Index: Strand 1b 528, 1855 (June)]. They married on May 31st at St. Clement Danes in Westminster [IGI: Batch M041601]. She was born in Little Waldingfield around 1833.

The 1861 Census finds him at age "31" living with his wife and their first child at Acton Green in Acton where he was occupied as a wheelwright. Lodging with him was his older and widowed cousin Bartholomew John (1).

The 1871 Census finds the family still living at Acton Green where John (2) was occupied as a wheelwright and blacksmith employing one man and a boy. Also in the household was a visitor Edward Goodrich who may have been a son of John (2)'s married sister Harriot Elizabeth (1).

The 1881 Census finds them living at Acton Green Cottages. John (2) was still occupied as a wheelwright and blacksmith.

Later that year Ann Frances died aged "48" [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 316, 1881 (Sept)]. The GRO index cites her first name as "Annie". She was buried at Acton on August 27th [PR: Cosford DB].

In 1883 John (2) remarried to a widow Catherine (nee Harvey) Sharman [Marriage Index: Sudbury 4a 709, 1883 (June)]. They married on April 17th 1883 at Acton [PR: Cosford DB]. He was then occupied as a wheelwright. Catherine was the daughter of a shoe-maker John Harvey [Cosford DB] and was born around 1836/37 in Bury St. Edmunds. This marriage was witnessed by Reuben Parker - whose connection is unknown - and Catherine's sister Emma Harvey.

The 1891 Census finds John (2) with Catherine and two of her relatives living at Goffs Oak Hotel in Edmonton, Hertfordshire where he was occupied as a licensed victualler.

Catherine died aged "56" in 1893 [Death Index: Edmonton 3a 238, 1893 (June)].

The 1901 Census finds John (2) at age "73", widowed and living in the West Ham Union Workhouse in Leyton, Essex where he was described as a retired wheelwright.

He died aged "76", probably in the same workhouse, in 1905 [Death Index: W. Ham 4a 128, 1905 (June)].

His children by Ann Frances Mills

  1. Harold (1) Hogger
  2. and possibly others ...

His children by Catherine (nee Harvey) Sharman

  1. probably none ...