Joseph (2) Hogger

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Brief biography

Joseph (2) Hogger was born to parents Thomas (1) Hogger and his wife Mary (nee) Rainham. He was christened on January 21st 1791 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB]. His occupation was wheelwright.

He married Elizabeth (nee) Turner on December 28th 1814 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]. She was a daughter of William Turner and Elizabeth (nee) Lambert and was christened on October 15th 1791 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]. The marriage was witnessed by a Thomas Hogger, who was probably the groom's brother Thomas (2).

It is not known where or when Joseph (2) died. His wife Elizabeth was buried at Lavenham on January 1st 1822 [PR: Cosford DB], just a few months after the birth of her last child Anne (1).

His children by Elizabeth Turner

all the children below were christened at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]
  1. Elizabeth (1) Hogger
  2. Maria (1) Hogger
  3. Mary (5) Hogger - christened February 10th 1819
  4. Susan (2) Hogger - christened November 13th 1820
  5. Anne (1) Hogger

Nothing more is known of Mary (5).

Susan (2) was buried aged "5 weeks" on December 8th 1820 at St. Peter and St. Paul in Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB : National Burial Index].