Sarah (4) Hogger

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Brief biography

Sarah (4) Hogger was born to parents Samuel (1) Hogger and his wife Susanna (nee) Farthing. She was christened on April 7th 1815 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

In 1842 she married a tailor Frederick Morgan Bantock [Marriage Index: Cosford 12 619, 1842 (Dec)]. They married on November 2nd 1842 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]. Frederick Morgan was christened the son of Morgan Sarah Bantock on February 6th 1819 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]. The marriage was witnessed by Daniel Ranson and Charlotte Ann Ranson, whose connections are unknown.

Frederick Morgan was buried on February 3rd 1852 at Lavenham, and Sarah (1) was buried at age 37 on December 7th 1852 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

Her children by Frederick Morgan Bantock

  1. Frederick Bantock
  2. Kate Bantock
  3. Thomas Bantock
  4. Sarah Ann Bantock

Data concerning these Bantock children - derived from the Cosford Database - can be found via this link.