Spencer Hall (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

Spencer Hall(s) (1) Hogger was born in 1849 to parents Peter (1) Hogger and his second wife Eliza (nee) Halls [Birth Index: Cosford 12 334, 1849 (Sept)]. He was christened on October 7th 1849 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1851 Census finds him at age "1" living with his parents at Brent Eleigh.

The 1861 Census finds him at age "11" living with his widowed mother at a beerhouse in Brent Eleigh.

In 1867 he married Ann Nunn [Marriage Index: Stow S. 4a 789, 1867 (Sept) - indexed as "Hoggar"]. She was born in 1846 in Woolpit, Suffolk [Birth Index: Stow 12 413 (or 418 - page unclear), 1846 (Dec)].

The 1871 Census finds them with their first two children living in Brent Eleigh Street, Brent Eleigh where he was occupied as a wheelwright.

The 1881 Census finds them living in Shimpling Street, Shimpling where he was again occupied as a wheelwright.

The 1891 Census finds them again living in Shimpling Street where he was still occupied as a wheelwright.

The 1901 Census finds them again living in Shimpling Street, now with just two unmarried daughters, where he was occupied as a journeyman wheelwright.

He died at age "73" [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 837, 1922]. It is not known where or when his wife Ann died.

His children by Ann Nunn

  1. Jesse (2) Hogger
  2. Thomas William (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: (?) Cosford 4a 441, 1869 (Sept)] : christened September 26th 1869
  3. Ellen Ann (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: Cosford 4a 446, 1871 (Dec)] : christened February 18th 1872
  4. Herbert Edward (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 501, 1874 (June)]
  5. Harry George (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 527, 1876 (June)]
  6. Arthur William (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 540, 1878 (Sept)]
  7. probably ... Frederick John (1) Hogger - born in 1881, buried in 1881 at Shimpling
  8. Maud Mary (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 581, 1882 (Dec)]
  9. and possibly others ...

The first three children above were born and christened at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB] and the others were born at Shimpling.

Thomas William (1) was with his parents in the 1881 Census. He subsequently joined the army's Royal Artillery regiment and served in India, as evidenced by the following newspaper report in The Bury Free Press of his death there in 1894:

November 3rd 1894
Deaths. Hogger on October 6th at Barrackpore, India. Gunner Thomas Hogger of the 43rd Field Battery R.A., 2nd son of Spencer and Ann Hogger of Shimpling aged 25 years.

The 1891 Census finds Ellen Ann (1) unmarried and working as a cook in the household of a banker Gascoygne Bevan at 30, Market Hill in Sudbury. The 1901 Census finds her living with her parents in Shimpling. She married in 1907 [Marriage Index: Lambeth 1d 566, 1907 (Dec)].

The 1891 Census finds Herbert Edward (1) in Water Street, Lavenham occupied as a blacksmith and described as a visitor in the household of William Mills (and wife Sarah Ann), whose connection is unknown. In 1899 he married Mary Elizabeth Richardson in 1899 [Marriage Index: Pancras 1b 56, 1899 (Dec)]. She was born in Clerkenwell around 1870-71 - her GRO birth reference is probably [Birth Index: Pancras 1b 74, 1870 (Dec)] or [Birth Index: Holborn 1b 615, 1871 (Sept)]. The 1901 Census finds them living at 44, Ludwick Road in Deptford St. Paul where he was occupied as a farrier and blacksmith.

Harry George (1) married Henrietta Gooch Debenham in 1899 [Marriage Index: Sudbury 4a 1552, 1899 (Dec)]. The 1901 Census finds them with one child - Mildred Ellen (1) [Birth Index: Sudbury 4a 899, 1901 (March)] - in Shimpling, where he was occupied as a house painter. She died aged "25" in 1906 [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 501, 1906 (March)]. In 1911 Harry George (1) remarried [Marriage Index: Sudbury 4a 1896, 1911 (Dec)].

Arthur William (1) was living with his parents in the 1881 and 1891 Censuses. The 1901 Census possibly finds him at age "22" living in the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich where he was serving as a gunner. The schedule spells his full name accurately but gives his birthplace as Ireland. This may well have been an enumeration error made when copying from the regiment's own records, since the schedule shows another Arthur also born in Ireland a few lines above his.

An infant Frederick John Hogger was buried at age 9 weeks on August 10th 1881 at St. George's in Shimpling [National Burial Index]. The GRO reference is [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 317, 1881 (Sept)].

The 1901 Census finds Maud Mary (1) living with her parents in Shimpling. She married in Wales in 1908 [Marriage Index: Machynlleth 11b 226, 1908 (Sept)].