Theresa (1) Hogger

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Brief biography

Theresa (1) Hogger was born to parents Peter (1) Hogger and his first wife Theresa (nee) Underwood [Birth Index: Cosford XII 345, 1842 (March)]. An IGI patron submission record claims that she was born on January 3rd 1842. She was christened on May 1st 1842 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1851 Census finds her at age "9" living in the household of her uncle John (1).

The 1861 Census finds her at age "19" living in the household of a landed proprietor Charles R. Hinds in New Town, Henlow in Bedfordshire where she was occupied as a nurse maid.

Around early March 1871, whilst yet unmarried, she gave birth to a child John Hedley Farrow [Birth Index: Kensington 1a 155, 1871 (March)]. The father was John Farrow, who was born at Bildeston around 1839 to parents Thomas Farrow and his wife Susan; his birth reference is probably [Birth Index: Stow 12 414, 1839 (June)].

The 1871 Census finds John, aged "31" and unmarried, on board the Royal Navy vessel "Forte" in Bombay Harbour, India. He was serving as an Admiral's Steward. Theresa (1) and her child were meanwhile living at 6, Blithfield Street in Kensington, London where she was occupied as a dressmaker. She described herself there as aged "29" and married.

They actually married following John's return a little later in 1871 [Marriage Index: Kensington 1a 365, 1871 (June)]. An unattributed IGI patron submission [IGI: Batch 7304420] asserts that the marriage took place in Kensington on June 15th 1871 and that the ages of the bride and groom were "28" and "31".

The 1881 Census finds John serving in the Royal Navy as a Captain's Steward on board the ship "Carysfort". The ship's location at this time is unknown but may have been Portsmouth in Hampshire. Meanwhile, Theresa (1) was living in his father's household in Chapel Street, Bildeston with two of her children.

The 1891 Census finds Theresa (1) with John and their son Thomas living at 81, Simpson Road in Portsmouth and John described as a retired steward.

The 1901 Census finds them, with just their unmarried daughter, still living at 81, Simpson Road and John described as a naval pensioner.

It is not known where or when she or John died.

Her children by John Farrow

  1. John Hedley Farrow - [Birth Index: Kensington 1a 155, 1871 (March)]
  2. Mariane Theresa Farrow - born in Southsea - [Birth Index: Portsea Island 2b 466, 1872 (Sept)]
  3. Thomas D.(or Henry) Farrow - born about 1884 in Portsmouth
  4. and probably others ...

The middle name of Thomas is uncertain. In the 1891 Census it appears only as a (clear) initial "D". However, he may have been the Thomas Henry Farrow with GRO reference [Birth Index: Portsea 2b 474, 1884 (March)].