Thomas (3) Hogger

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Brief biography

Thomas (3) Hogger was born to parents Thomas (2) Hogger and his wife Jemima (nee) Pilgrim. He was born at Hitcham and was christened on January 9th 1806 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

He married Mary Anne (nee) Hill on January 16th 1829 at Polstead, about 8 miles north of Colchester [PR: Cosford DB]. She was born at Polstead around 1810.

The 1841 Census finds them living with five children in Brent Eleigh where Thomas (3) was occupied as a carpenter.

The 1851 Census finds them living with six children at Town Hill, Brent Eleigh where Thomas (3) was occupied as a carpenter labourer.

Mary Anne died aged "44" in 1852 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 251, 1852 (June)]. She was buried on April 10th 1852 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

Thomas (3) remarried there on September 18th 1858 to a widow Eliza (nee Risby) Fayers [Marriage Index: Cosford 4a 589, 1858 (Sept)]. She was christened on April 6th 1825 at Lavenham as the daughter of Thomas Risby and his wife Mary (nee) Girling [PR: Cosford DB]. The marriage was witnessed by James Ong and Maria Ong, whose connections are unknown. It does not appear that any children were born from this marriage.

The 1861 Census finds Thomas (3) aged "34" with Eliza and two of his children (by his first wife) Henry (2) and Anne (3) living at Brent Eleigh. He was occupied as a carpenter.

The 1871 Census finds Thomas (3) and Eliza living in Lavenham Road, Brent Eleigh where he was occupied as a journeyman carpenter. He was living next to his son Robert (2).

Thomas (3) was buried at age "74" on May 27th 1880 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB]. He may have died, however, in Bury St. Edmunds [Death Index: Bury St. E. 4a 344, 1880 (June) - indexed as Thomas "Hoggar" aged 74].

The 1881 Census finds his widow Eliza living at Lavenham Road Cottages in Brent Eleigh, whilst the 1891 Census finds her living at the Alms Houses there. She died at age "70" in 1895 [Death Index: Cosford 4a 443, 1895 (Sept)] and was buried at Brent Eleigh on July 12th 1895 [PR: Cosford DB].

His children by Mary Anne Hill

  1. Thomas (5) Hogger
  2. William (6) Hogger
  3. Mary Ann (1) Hogger
  4. Robert (2) Hogger
  5. Henry (1) Hogger - [Birth Index: Cosford 12 353, 1841 (March)], christened February 21st 1841
  6. Henry (2) Hogger
  7. Anne (3) Hogger - [Birth Index: Cosford 12 380, 1850 (June)], christened May 5th 1850

The first two children above were christened at Milden and all the others at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1841 Census finds Henry (1) at age "6 months" living with his parents in Brent Eleigh. He died aged "2" in 1843 [Death Index: Cosford 12 245, 1843 (Dec)]. He was burned to death and was buried on December 31st 1843 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

The 1851 Census finds Anne (3) at age "1" living with her parents at Town Hill, Brent Eleigh. She was again with her father in the 1861 Census but has not been found in the 1871 Census. The 1881 Census appears to find her aged "31", unmarried, occupied as a dressmaker and residing at Mr. Brickel's Yard in Mill Lane, Woodbridge with two children Arthur (5) Hogger and Pesgnell (1) Hogger, both born at Woodbridge. They have not been located in the 1891 Census.

His children by Eliza (nee Risby) Fayers

  1. apparently none ...