William (2) Hogger

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Brief biography

William (2) Hogger was born to parents William (1) Hogger and his wife Mary (nee) Canham. He was christened on January 15th 1756 at Brent Eleigh [PR: Cosford DB].

He married Mary (nee) Turner on December 12th 1780 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]. It appears, therefore, that he married on the same day that his brother Thomas (1) Hogger married in Glemsford.

Mary, who had been born around 1757, was buried aged 43 on May 7th 1800 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB].

William (2) then married a widow Susan Alliston - whose maiden name is unknown - on November 4th 1800 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]. She was born around 1774. The witnesses were Thomas Gosling and Maria Fisher whose connections are unknown. No children are known from this marriage and it is unlikely that there were any, since William (2) died within two years of their wedding.

He was buried aged 46 on September 15th 1802 at Lavenham, and in 1804 Susan married a third time, this time to John Lumbley; she was buried as Susan Lumbley on July 5th 1830 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB].

His children by Mary Turner

  1. Mary (2) Hogger - christened December 9th 1785
  2. Turner William (1) Hogger
  3. Bartholomew (2) Hogger
  4. Ursula (1) Hogger - christened October 4th 1791

All four children above were christened at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB].

Nothing more is currently known of Mary (2) or Ursula (1).

His children by Susan Alliston

  1. almost certainly none ...