William (3) Hogger

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Brief biography

William (3) Hogger was born to parents Thomas (1) Hogger and his wife Mary (nee) Rainham. He was christened on December 10th 1784 at Lavenham [PR: Cosford DB]. The register records the parents as "Thomas and Mary Hoggett", as it does also for the christening there in 1782 of William (3)'s older brother Thomas (2).

He partnered Elizabeth Whymark. No marriage reference has yet been found for them, but if they did marry then they probably did so in Lindsey, Suffolk. Elizabeth was christened at Lindsey on February 24th 1788 to parents William Whymark and his wife Elizabeth [IGI: Batch C063222].

By 1821 the family had moved to Layham, situated 5-6 miles south-east of Lindsey.

Subsequently William (3) and Elizabeth separated, or at least lived apart. The 1841 Census finds him and their son Bartholomew (6) living at the Rectory in Monks Eleigh, just 2-3 miles north of Lindsey, where both were occupied as servants to Henry Barry Knox who was possibly the incumbent. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was living as a housekeeper in Chelsworth, one mile east of Monks Eleigh, at an unspecified address which may well have been Chelsworth Hall. The household also included a servant Elizabeth Hogger aged "25" who was probably Elizabeth (2), the illegitimate daughter of William (3)'s sister Mary (3).

The 1851 Census finds William (3) at age "65" living at 4, Bouham Street in St. John Hackney, London where he was occupied as a gentleman's coachman. His birthplace is given, apparently in error, as Brent Eleigh, where he had lived since early childhood. Bouham Street appears no longer to exist but was probably situated just south of Morning Lane. With him were two unmarried daughters both born in Layham - "Marianne", a house servant aged "28", and "Ann", a bonnet maker aged "21". These are presumed to have been Miriam (1) and Jane Ann (1). His partner Elizabeth was meanwhile still in Suffolk and living at Chelsworth Hall where she was occupied as housekeeper to a magistrate and land owner Sir Henry Edward Austen. The Hall, of great antiquity, had been purchased by Sir Henry following the death in 1841 of its previous owner Sir Robert Pocklington. At the time of the 1841 Census, however, Sir Henry had not been in Chelsworth and his location then is not known.

William (3) died in 1852 [Death Index: Hackney 1b 156, 1852 (Sept) - indexed under "Hagger"].

The 1861 Census finds Elizabeth "widowed" at age "71" living in the household of Martin R. Pocklington and his cousin Emily A. Pocklington at Chelsworth Hall where she was occupied as a cook.

The 1871 Census finds Elizabeth at age "83" living at "Rustic Cottage" in Hackney in the household of her son Bartholomew (6).

Elizabeth died aged "84" in 1872 [Death Index: Hackney 1b 256, 1872 (Dec) - indexed under "Hoggar"].

His children by Elizabeth Whymark

the first two christenings are recorded under [IGI: Batch C063221],
and the others under [IGI: Batch C063201]
  1. William (18) Hogger - christened as William "Hoggar" on May 12th 1820 at Lindsey
  2. Miriam (1) Hogger - christened on May 12th 1820 (also) at Lindsey
  3. Bartholomew (5) Hogger - christened on November 25th 1821 at Layham
  4. Bartholomew (6) Hogger
  5. Thomas (7) Hogger - christened on July 3rd 1825 at Layham
  6. Jane Ann (1) Hogger - christened on February 3rd 1828 at Layham
  7. Sarah (2) Hogger - christened on December 27th 1830 at Layham
  8. and possibly others ...

William (18) has not been found in the 1841 Census. The 1851 Census finds him unmarried at age "33" lodging in the household of a licensed victualler William Newsam in St. John Street, Winchester in Hampshire where he was occupied as a shoe maker. His birthplace is given, perhaps in error, as Layham. The 1861 Census finds him still unmarried and lodging at The Falcon Public House in St. Maurice, Winchester where he was again occupied as a shoe maker. His age is entered as "32" but probably intended as "42". He appears to have died aged "52" in Hampshire in 1872 [Death Index: Fareham 2b 321, 1872 (Dec)].

The 1841 Census finds Miriam (1) at age "18" living in a hotel in Berners Street, St. Marylebone where she was occupied as a servant. The 1851 Census finds her living with her father in Hackney. The 1861 Census finds her - as "Mariam", aged "40" and unmarried - living in the household of a widow Catharine Heddington at the Lodge, Claydon Street in Claydon, Suffolk where she was occupied as a house servant. Nothing more is yet known of her.

Bartholomew (5) died in infancy on March 29th 1822 [IGI: Batch C063222].

The 1841 Census possibly finds Thomas (7) at age "16" living in the "Rose and Crown" inn in King Street, Sudbury St. Peter and occupied as a servant. No trace has been found of him in the 1851 Census. By 1852 he was in Cornwall where he married Mary Ann Harrison - probably a widow - whose maiden name is unknown [Marriage Index: Penzance 5c 485, 1852 (March)]. She was born around 1815-16 in Twyning, Gloucestershire. By her he produced two daughters Caroline (2) Hogger [Birth Index: Helston 5c 218, 1852 (Sept)] and Sarah (3) Hogger [Birth Index: Penzance 5c 317, 1854 (Sept)]. The 1861 Census finds the family living in Back Lane, Marazion in Cornwall where Thomas (7) was occupied as a marine store dealer. His age is given as "35" and his birthplace as "Lyham" in Suffolk. The 1871 Census finds Mary Ann, entered as "married", still living there with her two daughters at 12, Back Lane and occupied as a rag dealer, but Thomas (7) was not with her. It is suspected that in 1861 he had returned to the Sudbury area and died there later that year [Death Index: Sudbury 4a 269, 1861 (Sept)]. In 1872 Caroline (2) married Thomas Francis Lanyon [Marriage Index: Penzance 5c 467, 1872 (Dec)] and subsequently moved to Barrow in Furness, Lancashire. The 1881 Census finds them living there at 88, South Row where Thomas Francis was occupied as an iron miner. Also present was Mary Ann, now described as widowed. Thomas Francis' parents and siblings, also from Marazion, were living next door at No. 87. The 1891 Census finds Caroline (2) with her family - including nine children as well as her mother - again in South Row but now at No. 89. Mary Ann died aged "74" - but actually nearer 79 - in 1894 [Death Index: Barrow F. 8e 553, 1894 (March)]. The 1901 Census finds Caroline (2) and nine children still living at 89, Back Street. The schedule notes that her husband Thomas Francis was meanwhile in South Africa.

Jane Ann (1) married William Spiking in 1857 [Marriage Index: Kensington 1a 3, 1857 (Dec) - indexed as "Hoggen"]. He was born around 1825-26 in East Kirby, Lincolnshire. The 1861 Census finds them living with two children at 39, Paulton's Square in Chelsea. No occupation was entered for William. The 1871 Census finds them living with two children at 22, Hasker Street in Chelsea St. Luke where William was occupied as a joiner. The 1881 Census finds them living with three children at 2, Milner Street in Chelsea where William was occupied as a works foreman. Jane Ann (1) died aged "62" in 1889 [Death Index: Chelsea 1a 260, 1889 (Dec)]. William died aged "69" in 1895 [Death Index: Chelsea 1a 362, 1895 (March)].

The 1841 Census finds Sarah (2) living (or staying) in Lindsey at age "10" with her grandfather William Whymark, who was described as an agricultural labourer aged "75". She has not been found in any subsequent census. She may have died in Suffolk in 1843 [Death Index: Cosford 12 219, 1843 (June)] or may have joined her father in Hackney and died there in 1850 [Death Index: Hackney 3 119, 1850 (Sept)].