Andrew (1) Livesey

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Brief biography

Andrew (1) Livesey was born at 8, Lloyd Street, Greengate in Salford on January 16th 1909 to parents William Henry (1) Livesey and his wife Frances Beckett Ward [Birth Index: Salford 8d 112, 1909 (March)].

On December 26th 1930 he married Doris Round. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: B'ham South 6d 79, 1930 (Dec)] describes him as a tester and her as a wrapper. His father's occupation is given as dock labourer. Their address was Back of 139, Bradford Street, Birmingham and the witnesses were G.J. Round and Charles Alexander Round.

Doris was born at No. 1, Back of 17, Chapel Lane in Selly Oak, Northfield in King's Norton on December 14th 1910 to parents George Henry Round and his wife Clara (nee Robinson) [Birth Index: King's N. 6c 350, 1911 (March)].

Doris died at Holly Lane Hospital, Smethwick in Birmingham on August 8th 1975, and Andrew (1) died aged 75 at the East Birmingham Hospital in Bordesley Green in Birmingham on October 20th 1984.

His children by Doris Round

  1. six sons and four daughters