George (2) Livesey

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Brief biography

George (2) Livesey was born to parents George (1) Livesey and his wife Bridget (nee) Grimes. Census records indicate that he was born in Salford around 1849-50. His GRO birth reference is probably [Birth Index: Salford 20 959, 1849 (March)].

The 1851 Census finds him at age "2" living with his parents at 11, Quay Street in Salford.

The 1861 Census finds him at age "9" living with his parents at 11, Spaw Street in Salford.

He first married on Christmas Day 1867 at Manchester Cathedral to Alice (nee) Smith [Marriage Index: Manchester 8d 437, 1867 (Dec) - indexed as "Lisbey"] [IGI: Batch M097896]. The marriage register also spells his surname as Lisbey. It describes him as a carter aged 19 living at 22, Wood Street in Salford and she as a spinster aged 19 living in the adjoining road Worsley Street. His father George (1) is described as a hatter and hers, Thomas Smith, as a painter. The declared "hatter" occupation seems a little improbable, but George (1) had in the earlier 1860s been occupied as a dyer of fustian and perhaps other materials too, possibly connected with hat making.

Alice died at age 20 on August 24th 1868 at 2, Taylor's Court in Salford. The death certificate [Death Index: Salford 8d 93, 1868 (Sept)] describes her as the wife of George Livesey, a coal carter, and certifies the cause of death as "debility after confinement (and) diarrhoea". The informant, in attendance at the death, was Bridget.

The 1871 Census finds George (2) at age "21", widowed and living in his parents' household at 22, Wood Street in Salford. He is described, like his father, as a coal dealer. He had no children with him.

His future second wife was Priscilla (nee Fagan) Birchall. She was probably the Priscilla "Fagin" who was born in Manchester around early 1844 [Birth Index: Manchester 20 717, 1844 (March)]. She had first married William (1) Birchall in 1865 [Marriage Index: Manchester 8d 463, 1865 (Sept)], at Manchester Cathedral on September 26th 1865 [IGI: Batch M097895]. By him she produced a son William (2) Birchall born around 1868 whose birth reference is probably [Birth Index: Salford 8d 107, 1868 (Dec)]. William (1) died aged "25" in 1868 [Death Index: Salford 8d 40, 1868 (June)]. The 1871 Census finds her widowed at age "26" with her son in a separate household at 22, Wood Street, the same house where George (2) was then living. She was occupied as a cotton doubler.

George (2) married Priscilla at Manchester Cathedral on September 18th 1871 [IGI: Batch M097896]. Their marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Manchester 8d 491, 1871 (Sept)] describes George (2) as a widowed brickmaker aged "24" and Priscilla as a widow aged "24", both of them residing at 22, Wood Street, Salford. His father George (1) is described also as a brickmaker and hers, William Fagan, as a spinner. The witnesses were his married sister Mary (1) and her husband John Thomas (1) Bedale. It is curious that he and his father were now both brickmakers according to this certificate and yet both had been recorded as coal dealers in the 1871 Census just a few months earlier. Perhaps the Liveseys changed their occupations frequently, or were sometimes engaged in several trades concurrently.

The 1881 Census finds George (2) at age "30" with Priscilla and four of their children living at 2, Robinson's Court in Salford. He was occupied as a hawker costermonger. Priscilla was described as a hawker wife aged "33" with birthplace Salford.

George (2) appears to have died aged "34" in 1883 [Death Index: Salford 8d 88, 1883 (March) - indexed as "Livsey"].

In late 1888 Priscilla remarried to William Ashworth [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 158, 1888 (Dec)].

The 1891 Census finds Priscilla and William living at 18, Wood Street with five children - from her marriage to George (2) - and two boarders. Her age is given here as (apparently) "49". William, described as aged "52" and born in Manchester, was occupied as a labourer.

The 1901 Census finds Priscilla and William living at 1, Riding Street with three of her children. Her age is given here as "61". William, now aged "63", was occupied as a nightwatchman in a warehouse, but in this record his birthplace is given as Warrington.

William died aged "68" in 1905 [Death Index: Salford 8d 47, 1905 (Sept)]. Priscilla died aged "64" later that year [Death Index: Salford 8d 43, 1905 (Dec)].

His children by Alice Smith

His children by Priscilla Fagan

  1. John William (2) Livesey
  2. Samuel (2) Livesey
  3. Walter (1) Livesey
  4. George (3) Livesey
  5. Mary Ann (3) Livesey
  6. and possibly others ...

Priscilla's children by William (1) Birchall

  1. William (2) Birchall - born in Salford in about 1868
  2. and possibly others ...

William (2) probably died aged "3" in 1872 [Death Index: Salford 8d 70, 1872 (Sept)].

Priscilla's children by William Ashworth