James (2) Livesey

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Brief biography

James (2) Livesey was born in Salford on June 13th 1898 to parents Samuel George (1) Livesey and his wife Frances Ann (nee) Stead [Birth Index: Salford 8d 129, 1898 (Sept)]. He was baptized on June 22nd 1898 at St. Bartholomew in Salford [IGI: Film No. 1786461].

The 1901 Census finds him at age "2" living with his parents at 4, Tamworth Street in Salford.

The 1911 Census finds him at age "12" living with his mother at 36, Granville Street in Salford.

On July 3rd 1920 he married Lilian (nee) Rutter at the Christ Church in Salford. The register describes him as a dock labourer and his father as a deceased porter. Lilian is described as a bottler whose father John James Rutter was a drayman. Both parties were living in the Oldfield Road Buildings, Salford, he in No. 36 and she in No. 26. Her age is given as "26", possibly a recording error. Her GRO birth reference may be [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 405, 1899 (June)].

The National Register of England and Wales 1939 finds them living at 36, Granville Street in Salford; he was now occupied as a warehouseman employed in heavy work. Lilian's birthdate is given as May 23rd 1899.

He may have died in 1969 aged "70" [Death Index: Salford 10f 640, 1969 (March)].

Nothing more is currently known of him.

His children by Lilian Rutter

  1. apparently none ...