John William (2) Livesey

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Brief biography

John William (2) Livesey was born around 1873 to parents George (2) Livesey and his second wife Priscilla Fagan. His birth reference may be [Birth Index: Salford 8d 117, 1873 (Dec) - indexed as "Livsey"].

The 1881 Census finds him at age 8 living in his parents' household at 2, Robinson's Court in Salford.

The 1891 Census finds him at age 18 living at 18, Wood Street in Salford in the household of his step-father William Ashworth, the third husband of Priscilla. His occupation was hooker in a warehouse (i.e. operating machines which folded materials to particular lengths).

In 1896 he married Emma Farrington [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 120, 1896 (March)]. They married at St. Stephen's Church in Salford on February 15th 1896. The register describes him as a bachelor aged "22" of 47, Hodson Street and occupied as a labourer. Emma is described as a spinster also aged "22" of the same address. His father is described as a hawker and hers, Joseph Farrington, as a bricklayer. The witnesses were George Siddall and Margaret Siddall, whose connections are unknown.

Emma was probably born at Rotherham [Birth Index: Rotherham 9c 585, 1873 (Dec)]. The 1891 Census finds her living with her parents at 5, Brown Street, Salford. Her birthplace is given as Rotherham and her father Joseph's occupation as bricklayer.

The 1901 Census finds him with Emma and three children living at 3, Waterloo Place in Salford. He was working as a foundry labourer. Emma's birthplace is entered, probably in error on her husband's part, as Salford.

Emma died aged "34" in 1908 [Death Index: Salford 8d 93, 1908 (Sept)]. Nothing more is currently known of John William (2).

His children by Emma Farrington

  1. James (3) Livesey - perhaps [Birth Index: Salford 8d 114, 1896 (Sept)]
  2. John William (3) Livesey - [Birth Index: Salford 8d 115, 1897 (Dec)]
  3. Samuel (1) Livesey - perhaps [Birth Index: Salford 8d 108, 1900 (June)]
  4. Joseph (5) Livesey - [Birth Index: Salford 8d 108, 1902 (June)]
  5. Walter (3) Livesey - [Birth Index: Salford 8d (53 or 108), 1902 (June)]

The children became split up after their mother Emma died in 1908. The 1911 Census finds the youngest, Walter (3), living at 60, Frederick Street, Salford in the household of his mother's married sister Elizabeth (nee Farrington) Withers and described as her "adopted son"; also present was Emma's mother Mary. The 1911 Census finds the other four children boarding at 17, Broomfield Street in Cheetham Hill, North Manchester in the household of a married couple Alfred and Annie Crosland who, after 17 years of marriage, had produced no children of their own.

John William (3) Livesey served with the RAF during the Great War, signing up at age "20" on September 19th 1917 for the duration of the war. He had been working as a telegraphist. His parent's address was then 5, Cedar Street in Lower Broughton. His height was just 5 feet and half an inch. His hair was black and his eyes hazel. He was transferred to the RAF reserve on February 5th 1919. It is not known precisely where he served or in what capacity. In 1921 he married Ruth Howarth [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 294, 1921 (Sept)] by whom he produced three children, William, Margaret and Maureen Florence.

Samuel (1) married Edith Nicholas in 1932 [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 679, 1932 (Dec)]. He died aged "51" in 1952 [Death Index: Salford 10f 487, 1952 (Dec)].