Mary Ellen (1) Livesey

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Brief biography

Mary Ellen (1) Livesey was born in 1859 to parents Matthew (2) Livesey and his wife Mary Taws [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 273, 1859 (June)]. She was christened at Manchester Cathedral on May 6th 1859 [IGI: Batch C073545].

The 1861 Census finds her at age "2" living with her parents at 58, Stonehewer Street in the St. George district of Manchester.

The 1871 Census finds her at age "12" living with her parents at 43, Fielden Street in the St. George district.

She married George (1) Naylor in 1881 [Marriage Index: Prestwich 8d 385, 1881 (March)].

The 1881 Census finds them living at 36, Silver Street in Newton, the same street in which her parents were living. The record describes him as a porter aged "22" and her as a cotton weaver aged "21".

The 1891 Census finds Mary Ellen (1) at age "31" in the household of her parents at 17, Gorton Street in the St. George district, still occupied as a cotton weaver. She is described as married but her husband was not present. She had with her the two children listed below.

She subsequently married a man named Charles Kennedy. The GRO reference may be [Marriage Index: Manchester 8d 480, 1897 (June)].

The 1901 Census finds her at age "42" living with Charles at 9, Clive Street in Harpurhey. Also in the household was her son George (2) Naylor (his birthplace being cited correctly as Eccles) and also three very young Kennedy children apparently born to her via Charles.

The 1911 Census finds her at age "51" living with Charles and children from both marriages at 12, Middlewood Street in Harpurhey. Charles was occupied as a maker-up in a cotton dye works.

Nothing more is currently known of her.

Her children by George (1) Naylor

  1. William Matthew Naylor - [Birth Index: Manchester 3d 308, 1882 (Dec)]
  2. George (2) Naylor - born in Eccles - probably [Birth Index: Barton I. 8c 264, 1884 (Dec)]
  3. and possibly others ...

Her children by Charles Kennedy

  1. Thomas J. Kennedy - born in Manchester about 1896/97
  2. Ada Kennedy - probably [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 286, 1898 (Sept)]
  3. Edith Kennedy - probably [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 452, 1900 (June)]
  4. Doris Kennedy - [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 446, 1902 (March)]
  5. and possibly others ...