Matthew (3) Livesey

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The material below was kindly contributed by Elaine Bennett, a descendant of Matthew (3).

Brief biography

Matthew (3) was born in Manchester in 1863 to parents Matthew (2) Livesey and his wife Mary Taws [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 237, 1863 (Dec)].

The 1871 Census finds him aged "8" living with his parents.

The 1881 Census finds him aged "17" living with his parents and occupied as a boiler maker apprentice.

The 1891 Census finds him aged "27" lodging in the household of a Thomas Gilbert at 8, Beatrice Street in Horwich, Lancashire and occupied as a boiler maker.

He became a member of the Royal Ante-Deluvian Order of Buffaloes. Three medals relating to this survive, dated 1893, 1894 and 1896. The first has Founder Excelsior Lodge on its ribbon and its reverse is engraved "Presented to Primo M. Livesey, Attendance Oct 25/93, Sir Arthur Warden Lodge". The second has "Sir Arthur Warden Lodge GLE" on its ribbon, "Justice, Truth and Philanthropy" on its face and "Presented to Primo M. Livesey Oct. 25 1894" on its reverse. The third has "Excelsior Lodge, Presented to Mat Livsey as a Mark of Esteem for Services Rendered, Jan 31st 96" on its reverse. All three are adorned with buffalo heads and horns.

The 1901 Census finds him aged "37" living at 33, Lower Russell Street in North Manchester with his widowed mother Mary (aged "78" and born in Ireland) and sister Alice A. (1), and again occupied as a boiler maker.

The 1901 Census also finds his future wife Catherine ("Kate") McCarthy at age "26" living in the household of a hotel manager George Slater at 16, Fountain Street in Manchester where she was occupied as a domestic servant. Her birthplace is given as Ireland.

They married later in 1901. Their marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Manchester 8d 483, 1901 (June)] states that they married on April 25th 1901 at Manchester Register Office. He is described as a bachelor and boiler maker aged "37" and residing at 33, Lower Russell Street. She - named as "Kate" - is described as a spinster and domestic servant aged "27" and residing at 16, Fountain Street. His father is described as a deceased warehouseman and hers, James McCarthy, as a horse trainer. The witnesses were Mrs. Hy. Hayley and C.H. Ogden, whose connections are unknown.

It is believed that Kate's origins lay in Waterford, Ireland.

Matthew (3) and Kate made their home in Moston, probably always at 81, Oscar Street. This address appears on the backs of several surviving photographs of their family.

Kate died when her children were quite young. She may be the "Carrie" Livesey who died aged "34" in 1908 [Death Index: Manchester 8d 145, 1908 (Dec)].

In 1912 Matthew (3) remarried to Lucy Millen [Marriage Index: Prestwich 8d 671, 1912 (June)]. Lucy's maiden name is currently unknown. She already had a daughter Doris who subsequently adopted the Livesey surname.

Matthew (3) is known to have died before WW2. He probably died aged "71" in 1935 [Death Index: Manchester N. 8d 667, 1935 (quarter unascertained)].

His children by Catherine ("Kate") McCarthy

  1. James (6) Livesey - born March 6th 1902 [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 334, 1902 (June)]
  2. Caroline ("Carrie") (1) Livesey - perhaps [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 453, 1904 (Sept)]
  3. Joseph (4) Livesey - perhaps [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 336, 1905 (Dec)]

Matthew was very keen for his sons to have safe, steady employment and sent them both to night school to learn book-keeping. He wanted them to be shopkeepers and so James (6) became a grocer and Joseph (4) a butcher.

James (6) married on 25th April 1926 to Hilda Gardner at St. George's Presbyterian Church in Moston. She was born in Moston on October 15th 1905. The marriage certificate describes him as a bachelor and grocer's assistant aged "24" residing at 81, Oscar Street, and her as a spinster and cotton mill winder aged "20" residing at 16, Bluestone Road in Moston. His father was a boiler maker and hers, Noah Gardner, was a deceased engineering fitter. After marrying they lived a year or two in New Moston and then moved to 10, Wye Avenue in Failsworth. They produced two daughters Norah and Jean. They remained at the Wye Avenue address for the rest of their lives. James (6) died on May 15th 1986 and Hilda died on December 26th 1989.

Carrie (1) married late in life and is presumed to have produced no children.

Joseph (4) married one of Hilda's friends and moved away from the Manchester area. They produced one daughter.

His children by Lucy (nee ...?) Millen

  1. presumed none ...

Lucy's child by ...?

  1. Doris (Millen) "Livesey"

Doris married and produced two daughters. She lived not far from James (6) and Hilda, probably in Failsworth.