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The site currently comprises several dozen pages. Most of these pages make up the Livesey Family Trees listed on the site's home page. The remaining pages contain miscellaneous data on Liveseys or related topics.

Each page in a family tree describes some particular person and will normally contain links to other pages describing their parents and their children. So, once you have got inside a tree you can use these links to move around among the various generations. All the pages making up a tree have a background colour unique to that tree.

A convenient way to enter a tree is to go to its root page dealing with the tree's key person of interest. The choice of that person was made somewhat arbitrarily and mainly reflects the history of the site's development. Every other page in this tree contains a link back to the root page, which in turn contains a link back to the home page.

Each link on the home page listed under "Livesey Family Trees" takes you straight to a root page.

You may occasionally select a link and obtain a message saying that the page it refers to does not exist. Such instances apply to pages currently awaiting construction in the near future. Also, you may occasionally select a link for some person and be taken to the page for someone else. Where this occurs it is because there is no current intention to construct a page specifically for that person - instead, the link takes you to a page where they receive some appropriate mention.

Another way to enter a tree is to visit the Names Directory. This is an alphabetical list of links to persons mentioned in the trees and supplies also their dates of birth and death where known (otherwise marked ?). It simply provides a direct route to a person's details as an alternative to navigating from a root page.

A somewhat different collection of names - of persons who witnessed marriages mentioned in this site - appears in the Marriage Witnesses Directory.

Persons having the same name are distinguished by the insertion of qualifiers of the form (x) after their forenames, where x is some integer. These qualifying integers have no significance with regard to chronology or lineage. The surnames of all females are their maiden names.