Nora (1) Livesey

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Brief biography

Nora (1) Livesey was born on December 18th 1917 to parents William Henry (1) Livesey and his wife Frances Beckett Ward [Birth Index: Salford 8d 178, 1918 (March)].

On March 4th 1939 she married a baker Harry (1) Bowers at St. Thomas in Pendleton, Salford [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 332, 1939 (March)]. Their address was given jointly as 46, Fitzwarren Street in Salford. The witnesses were her sister Esther (1) and the latter's husband Alfred Loughlin.

Harry (1) was born on June 11th 1918 at 1, Tatton Place in Salford [Birth Index: Salford 8d 163, 1918 (Sept)]. His mother's maiden name was Stone.

She died on July 19th 1997, and Harry (1) died on November 14th 1999.

Her children by Harry (1) Bowers

  1. two sons and two daughters