Peter (1) (Taws) Livesey

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Brief biography

Peter (1) (Taws) Livesey was born in Manchester around 1843-44. He was probably born illegitimately to Mary Taws who subsequently married Matthew (2) Livesey. He was christened at Manchester Cathedral on November 22nd 1846 together with Richard (3) Livesey, the legitimate child of Matthew (2) and Mary [IGI: Batch C073541].

The 1851 Census apparently finds him at age "7" living with the rest of the family at 1, No. 2 Court near Cable Street in the St. George district of Manchester.

The 1861 Census finds him at age "18" living with the family at 58, Stonehewer Street in the St. George district, and occupied as a warehouse porter.

The 1871 Census apparently finds him at age "26" and unmarried, lodging at 35, Worth Street in the St. George district in the household of Alexander W. Taws (who was born in Bermuda in the West Indies). He was occupied as a packer. Alexander may have been the brother of Mary Taws, whose father was also named Alexander.

Peter (1) married or partnered a woman named Mary E. whose maiden name is currently unknown. She was born in Salford around 1846/47.

The 1881 Census finds them, together with their first three children, living at 43, Silver Street in Newton. Peter (1)'s father Matthew (2) was meanwhile living at No. 31. Peter (1) is described as an express porter aged "38".

By 1891 the family had moved into Matthew (2)'s former home at No. 31, where the 1891 Census finds them living with all four children. Matthew (2) had by then moved to Gorton Street in the St. George district. Peter (1) is described as a packer aged "48".

Mary may have been the "Mary Ellen Livesey" who died aged "55" in 1900 [Death Index: Prestwich 8d 305, 1900 (March)].

The 1901 Census finds Peter (1) at age "56" as a widower living with his children Alfred (1), Ada (1) and Lily (1) at 12, Willert Street in Harpurhey, Manchester where he was occupied as a carrier's packer.

He may have died aged "66" in 1907 [Death Index: Prestwich 8d 234, 1907 (Sept)].

His children by Mary E. ...(?)

  1. George Matthew (1) Livesey - [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 312, 1874 (March)]
  2. Alfred (1) Livesey - probably [Birth Index: Manchester 8d 305, 1876 (Sept)]
  3. Ada (1) Livesey - [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 378, 1879 (June)]
  4. Lily (1) Livesey - [Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 352 or 355, 1881 (June)]