Samuel George (1) Livesey

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Brief biography

Samuel George (1) Livesey was born in Salford in 1868 to parents Joseph (1) Livesey and his first wife Alice Cartwright. The birth certificate [Birth Index: Salford 8d 113, 1868 (March)] states that he was born on February 17th 1868 at 14, Johnson Street where his parents were then living. It describes his father as a coal carter.

He was christened at Manchester Cathedral on May 31st 1868 [IGI: Batch C073547].

The 1871 Census finds him at age 3 living with his parents at 3, Robinson's Court in Salford.

The 1881 Census finds him at age 13 boarding at the same address in the household of John Thomas (1) Bedale, the husband of his aunt Mary (1).

He married Frances Ann Stead at St. Simon's Church in Salford on June 6th 1887. The register describes him as a bachelor aged 21, residing at Bedford Court and occupied as a hawker. Frances Ann is described as a spinster aged 21, also residing at Bedford Court. His father is described as a hawker and hers, John Stead, as a gardener. The witnesses were Emma Livesey - probably Joseph (1)'s second wife Emma (nee Stubbs) - and John "Sturt" (unclear) who may have actually been John Stead.

Frances Ann must have been in an advanced state of pregnancy when they married, as their first child John (1) was christened barely three months later in September 1887, at which time they were living at 13, Quay Street in Salford with Samuel George (1) working as a greengrocer.

The 1891 Census finds Samuel George (1) at age 23 with his wife and first two children living at 46, Brighton Street, Ordsall in Salford. He was working as a market porter.

The 1901 Census finds him at age 33 with his wife and six children living at 4, Tamworth Street in Salford. He was now working as a fishmonger's labourer.

In 1902 he served as the informant on his father's death certificate, and was then still living at 4, Tamworth Street.

He died in 1922 and was buried at the Weaste Cemetery in Salford. His gravestone cites the date of his death as April 19th 1922 and his age as 56.

In 1923 Frances Ann was living with her son Samuel George (2) at 36, Granville Street in Ordsall [Electoral Register for Ordsall: Spring 1923].

Frances Ann died in 1926 and was likewise buried at the Weaste Cemetery, in the same grave as her husband. The gravestone cites her date of death as November 26th 1926 and her age as 64.

His children by Frances Ann Stead

  1. John (1) Livesey
  2. Hannah (2) Livesey
  3. Mary (3) Livesey
  4. Joseph (3) Livesey
  5. James (2) Livesey
  6. Samuel George (2) Livesey
  7. and possibly others ...