William (2) Livesey

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Brief biography

William (2) Livesey was born in Salford on December 10th 1907 to parents George Alfred (1) Livesey and his wife Maria [Birth Index: Salford 8d 56, 1908 (March)].

He married in 1928 to Doris Boyd [Marriage Index: Manchester N. 8d 1701, 1928 (Sept)]. She was born on May 31st 1908 [Salford 8d 128, 1908 (Sept) - somewhat late registration]. A family tree submitted to Ancestry states that the marriage took place on September 1st at the Working Men's Church in Wood Street, Deansgate, Manchester.

The 1939 National Register for England and Wales finds William (2) and Doris living at 12, Seedley Park Road in Salford; he was occupied as a journeyman saddler and machinist; she was occupied as an A.R.P. clothing machinist. Also present was William (2)'s married sister-in-law Rose, the wife of George Alfred (2) Livesey; she was occupied as a letter press feeder.

According to family anecdote, one of George Alfred (1)'s sons died as a result of a bomb falling on his home during WW2. This son has turned out to be William (2).

The records of The Commonwealth War Graves Commission state that he died on Thursday May 8th 1941 aged 33. He is described as a serving Fireman in the Auxiliary Fire Service, residing at 12, Seedley Park Road in Salford and having a wife named Doris.

The Salford Fire Service Museum has confirmed that there were "further casualties in the Seedley area on 8th May supporting the facts for a local hit, probably whilst attacking the docks". William (2) may have been off-duty at his home when the air raid occurred.

Notice of his death was published in the Manchester Evening News on May 12th 1941 as follows:

"LIVESEY.-In May, 1941, result of enemy action, William, the beloved husband of Doris Livesey,
aged 33 years, of 12, Seedley Park Road, Salford 6.
Service Wood Street Mission, 1.30 p.m. Interment Southern Cemetery, 2.45 p.m. Wednesday.
"No mourning by request." Inquiries Mr. Morris, P.C.I.S. Ltd, 'Phone Pen. 1275."

It is not known whether other occupants of the house were injured in this bombing incident.

A year later the issue of the Manchester Evening News on May 8th 1942 printed the following in its Memoriam column:

"LIVESEY.-Treasured memories of my dear husband, William Livesey, A.F.S. X Division,
killed by enemy action May 8, 1941. Doris and Victor. [wife and son]
36, Welford St., Salford 6 (late Seedley).
Also loving memories of a dear Brother.
From George, John, Frank (H.M.F.), Ethel, Rose, Cliff."

The website Greater Manchester Blitz Victims offers further details about William (2), including the following: he died at 12, Seedley Park Road; he and Doris had produced two sons Philip A. (born in 1929 but died aged 3 in 1932) and Victor W. (born in 1930).

In 1948 Doris remarried to Richard Hall [Marriage Index: Manchester 10e 719, 1948 (Dec)].

His children by Doris Boyd

  1. Philip A. Livesey - [Birth Index: Manchester N. 8d 910, 1929 (June)] [Death Index: Salford 8d 320, 1932 (Sept)]
  2. Victor W. Livesey - [Birth Index: Salford 8d 476, 1930 (Dec)]