William Henry (1) Livesey

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Brief biography

William Henry (1) Livesey was born in 1885 to parents Joseph (1) Livesey and his second wife Emma Stubbs. The birth certificate [Birth Index: Salford 8d 155, 1885 (Dec)] states that he was born on October 25th 1885 at 13, Quay Street in Salford and describes his father - who was the informant - as a greengrocer of the same address. The certificate spells the family surname as "Livsey" throughout.

He was christened at the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford on November 5th 1885. The register cites his father's occupation as hawker.

The 1891 Census finds him at age 5 living with his parents at 14, Quay Street.

The 1901 Census finds him at age 15 living with his father at this same address.

On May 30th 1906 he married Frances Beckett Ward at St. Simon's Parish Church in Salford. The marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 186, 1906 (June)] describes him as a bachelor aged 21 employed as a wire straightener, and her as spinster aged 20 employed as a waitress. Their place of residence was 52, Broster Street in Salford, although the certificate appears to give her address erroneously as "Bedford" Street. His father was simply 'deceased' and hers, Andrew Ward, was a disinfector. The witnesses were James Gawling and Mary Clarke, whose connections are unknown.

Frances was born on July 10th 1885 as the second child of parents Andrew Ward and his wife Esther (nee Beckett). Her birth certificate [Birth Index: Salford 8d 131, 1885 (Sept)] describes Andrew as a piston ring maker and Esther as a weaver, and states that Frances was born at her parents' address 2, Clarkinson's Court, Muslin Street in Salford. The 1891 Census finds her living with her parents and three siblings at 4, Church Street in Pendleton, Salford, with Andrew employed as a labourer for the Health Deparment. The 1901 Census finds her living with her parents and seven siblings at 46, Hartington Street in Salford, with Andrew employed as a sanitary labourer. Frances, then aged 15, was working as a weaver in a mill, an occupation she is known to have hated. When aged about 18 she was working as a nurse at the Ladysmith 'Fever' Hospital.

In 1917, when his daughter Nora (1) was born, William Henry (1) and his family were living at 54, Cavendish Street in Salford. By 1939 they were living at 46, Fitzwarren Street in Salford, the home of newly-married Nora (1). By 1946 they had moved with Nora (1)'s family to No. 24 in that street, and in 1947 they all moved to a corner shop - comprising a bakery and a general store - at 82, Cavendish Street in Salford.

William Henry (1) died on October 7th 1948 at the Salford Royal Hospital. The death certificate [Death Index: Salford 10f 508, 1948 (Dec)] describes him as an engineer's labourer aged 62, and the cause of death as "1.(a) broncho pneumonia, (b) cardiac failure, (c) hypertension. 2. epistaxis". He had been residing at 82, Cavendish Street. Frances, of the same address, was the informant. He was buried at the Weaste Cemetery in Salford.

Frances died on January 16th 1961 at 20, Long Meadow in Newton, Hyde, the home of her married daughter Nora (1) Bowers. The death certificate [Death Index: Hyde 10a 432, 1961 (March)] describes her as a widow aged 74, and her husband as (having been) a labourer for a wholesale grocers. The cause of death was "1.(a) pulmonary oedema, (b) acute bronchitis. 2. chronic congestive heart failure". Nora (1) was the informant. Frances was buried at the Weaste Cemetery.

His children by Frances Beckett Ward

  1. Esther (1) Livesey
  2. Andrew (1) Livesey
  3. Harold (3) Livesey
  4. Frances Emma (1) Livesey
  5. Ethel (3) Livesey
  6. Nora (1) Livesey
  7. Annie (1) Livesey
  8. William (1) Livesey