Caroline Amelia (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Caroline Amelia (1) Stubbs was born in 1839 in Lenton, Nottinghamshire to parents Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs and his wife Mary Ann (nee Empson) [Birth Index: Radford 15 597, 1839 (Dec)].

The 1841 Census finds her aged "1" living with her parents in Willoughby Street, Lenton in Nottingham.

The 1851 Census finds her aged "11" living with her parents in Sherwood Street, Radford in Nottingham.

The 1861 Census finds her aged "21" and unmarried living with her parents at 94, Commission Street in Great Bolton, Lancashire. She was occupied as an assistant at the Industrial Ragged School of which her father was then Governor.

In 1862 she married Charles William Cunningham Pillman [Marriage Index: Bolton 8c 365, 1862 (March)]. He was born in Exeter, Devon on December 11th 1833 to parents William Pillman and his wife Mary Ann and was christened at Holy Trinity, Exeter on December 28th 1834 [IGI: Batch C050901]. The 1861 Census finds him unmarried at age "27" boarding with the family of a widow Ann Isherwood at 14, Blackburn Road, Sharples in Lancashire where he was occupied as an Inland Revenue officer.

The 1871 Census finds them and their 21-month-old son Frederick living at Doberop, Saddleworth in Yorkshire where Charles was again occupied as an Inland Revenue officer. Also in his household was his unmarried younger sister Elizabeth Pillman and Caroline's widowed mother Mary Ann.

The 1881 Census finds them with four children living at 30, Bury New Road in Tonge with Haulgh near Bolton. Charles was employed in the Excise branch of the Civil Service.

The 1891 Census finds them with three children living at 117, Caxton Street in Birkenhead. Charles was occupied in a "Special Team" of the Inland Revenue. Also present was a grandchild Charles Collins aged "3", with birthplace Wrexham, whose parents have not yet been ascertained.

The 1901 Census finds them with their two adult daughters, both unmarried, living at 54, Andrews Road in Littleham near Exmouth in Devon. Charles was a retired Inland Revenue officer.

Charles died aged 82 in 1916 [Death Index: Exeter 5b 131, 1916 (June)]. It is not yet known where or when Caroline Amelia (1) died.

Her children by Charles William Cunningham Pillman

  1. Mary Ann Pillman - born in Farnworth, Lancashire - [Birth Index: Bolton 8c 220, 1864 (Sept)]
  2. Frederick Pillman - born in Saddleworth, Yorkshire - [Birth Index: Saddleworth 9a 243, 1869 (Sept)]
  3. Caroline E. Pillman - born around 1873/74 in Kirkliston, Scotland
  4. Ursula Pillman - born in Lumn Mills, Walmersley cum Shuttleworth, Lancashire - [Birth Index: Bury 8c 545, 1876 (March)]
  5. and possibly others ...

The 1881 Census finds their daughter Mary Ann at age "16" living with her parents and occupied as a pupil teacher.

Their daughter Caroline E. appears not to have married and evidently died aged "48" in 1921 [Death Index: Exeter 5b 111, 1921 (Dec)].

Their daughter Ursula likewise appears not to have married and evidently died aged "31" in 1907 [Death Index: St. Thomas 5b 37, 1907 (June)].