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Entry of data into this page has been deferred pending clarification of various family structures.


Listed below are selected records of baptisms, marriages and burials of Stubbs in the UK.

They are presented in two groups. The first group comprises records appearing in the online IGI accessed from the LDS website. Most of them are records placed on the IGI through the controlled extraction programme which transcribed original parish and non-conformist records and included checks upon their authenticity. The online IGI contains fewer records than does the underlying non-electronic version of the IGI, which itself contains only a minority of the records held in the original registers of parish churches and non-conformist chapels.

The second group comprises original parish and non-conformist records which have been extracted directly from original registers by either the site author or various professional researchers in the UK. These records do not appear in the online IGI.

Records from the online IGI

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Records not in the online IGI

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