Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs was born to parents Joseph (1) Stubbs and his wife Harriet (nee Reddish). He was christened on July 20th 1807 at St. Mary, Nottingham.

He married Mary Ann Empson at Southwell, Nottingham on March 17th 1834 [IGI: Film 183452]. The marriage is also recorded in Pallot's Index, with the same date and giving the parish as Radford. This source adds the note "with consent of parents", suggesting that Mary Ann had been under 21. Her father William Empson was born in Warsop, Nottinghamshire around 1788-89, whilst her mother Sarah (nee?) was born around 1789-90 in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. They were probably the William Empson and Sarah Whiting who married on July 30th 1810 at Spitalfields Christ Church in Stepney [IGI: Batch M069691]. Mary Ann, according to her census records after 1841, was born around 1813 in London, and her 1851 census entry gives her birthplace more precisely as Cheapside.

The 1841 Census finds them with two children - Walter Empson (1) and Caroline Amelia (1) - in Willoughby Street, Lenton in Nottingham where he was occupied as a journeyman lace maker and she as a lace mender. Their oldest son Horatio Thomas (1) was meanwhile with his grandparents William and Sarah Empson in Edward Street, St. Nicholas in Nottingham.

The 1851 Census finds them with five children living in Sherwood Street, Radford in Nottingham where he was occupied as a schoolmaster at a National School.

The 1861 Census finds them with four children living in the Industrial Ragged School at 94, Commission Street in Great Bolton, Lancashire where he was the Governor of that institute and Mary Ann was the Matron.

He died aged "63" in 1871 [Death Index: Bradford Y. 9b 108, 1871 (March)].

The 1871 Census finds Mary Ann widowed, aged "60" and living with her married daughter Caroline Amelia (1) in Doberop, Saddleworth in Yorkshire.

Mary Ann probably died in 1872 aged "61" [Death Index: Bradford Y. 9b 40, 1872 (June)].

His children by Mary Ann Empson

  1. Horatio Thomas (1) Stubbs
  2. Walter Empson (1) Stubbs
  3. Caroline Amelia (1) Stubbs
  4. William Henry (3) Stubbs
  5. James Armitage (1) Stubbs
  6. Sarah Ann (1) Stubbs
  7. Reuben Alfred (1) Stubbs
  8. and possibly others ...