Francis (2) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Francis (2) Stubbs was born to parents Joseph (1) Stubbs and his wife Harriet (nee Reddish). He was christened on January 13th 1822 at St. Mary, Nottingham [IGI: Batch C044873].

The 1841 Census finds him at age "17" living in the household of a baker Robert Wright at Lister Gate, St. Peter in Nottingham, where he was occupied as a journeyman baker.

His future wife was Hannah Beech. Her mother Ann (nee Bates) was christened to parents George Bates and Sarah at St. Mary, Nottingham on March 31st 1800 [IGI: Batch C044872] and married John Beech at St. Mary on May 3rd 1824 [IGI: Batch M044873]. Hannah was christened at St. Mary on August 13th 1826 [IGI: Batch C044873]. The 1841 Census finds Hannah living with her mother and siblings in Warren Court, St. Mary and occupied - like her mother - as a lace runner. Her father John was not present.

In 1845 Francis (2) and Hannah married. Their marriage certificate [Marriage Index: Nottingham 15 796, 1845 (March)] states that they married on January 26th 1845 at St. Mary and were then residing at Bridge Street. Francis (2)'s father is named as a lace maker Joseph Stubbs, and Hannah's father as a boatman John "Beach". The witnesses were James Morrell and Hannah Plumer, whose connections are unknown. Francis (2) is described as a baker and a bachelor "under age" and Hannah as a spinster "under age". However, if Francis (2) was the boy christened in 1822 then he would have been at least 23 when he married - he may have been uncertain of his age or have wished to appear younger, or whoever filled in the register may have made a mistake. If Hannah was christened soon after birth then she would indeed have been under age (actually 18), and moreover already pregnant - their first child, George Francis (1) was born very soon after their marriage.

In Nottingham they produced at least one more child Mary Ann (1) in 1847, and were then living in Crossland Street, St. Mary. Soon afterwards they moved to Lancashire.

The 1851 Census finds Francis (2) aged "26" living with his family at 138, Corporation Street in Salford where he was occupied as a journeyman baker. Hannah's mother Ann was meanwhile living at 18, Pratt's Yard in St. Mary, Nottingham and still occupied as a lace runner. The schedule describes her as "married" which, if correct, implies that she and John had been long separated. With her were three children including a "daughter" Sarah "Healey" aged "8" who was probably an adopted child.

John Beech may have died in 1854 [Death Index: Nottingham 7b 143, 1854 (Dec)].

The 1861 Census finds Francis (2) aged "38" living with his family at 11, Cross Court, Greengate in Salford he was again occupied as a baker. By now they had a further four children, all born in Manchester or Salford. Hannah's mother Ann was meanwhile living at 16, Canal Yard in St. Mary, Nottingham, occupied as a hose stitcher and described as widowed.

Francis (2) died just over a year after the birth of his last known child William Henry (1). His death certificate [Death Index: Salford 8d 32, 1867 (March)] states that he died on January 18th 1867 in his home 11, Cross Court, Greengate in Salford. The informant was his wife Hannah. His age upon death is cited as "44" and the cause of death as asthma and bronchitis over a period of six weeks. His occupation is confirmed as bread baker.

On December 7th 1868 Hannah remarried to William Gaffin at St. Simon's in Salford [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 72, 1868 (Dec)]. The register describes her as a widow aged "47" and him as a widower and baker aged "57". His father is not named and hers is named as John "Beach" with no cited occupation. Both give their address as Wheathill Street. The witnesses were Mary Ann (1)'s husband John Hampson and Dinah Greenhalgh whose connection is unknown.

The 1871 Census finds Hannah and William with various of their children living at 30, Deal Street in Salford. Also in the household was their 6-month-old grandson Francis Hampson, being the son of Hannah's now-married daughter Mary Ann (1). The location of this boy's parents at this time is not yet known. Hannah's mother Ann was meanwhile living at 10, Holland Yard in St. Mary, Nottingham and with no cited occupation.

In 1872 William's daughter Sarah Ann Gaffin died at age "18" [Death Index: Salford 8d 41, 1872 (Sept)].

In 1873 Hannah's mother Ann died at age "72" [Death Index: Nottingham 7b 147, 1873 (March)].

Hannah died on August 5th 1877. The death certificate [Death Index: Salford 8d 42, 1877 (Sept)] describes her as "Ann Gaffin" aged "55". She died from chronic bronchitis and dropsy at her home 30, Deal Street in Salford, the informant being William Gaffin, a bread baker, present at the death.

William Gaffin died aged "69" in 1880 [Death Index: Salford 8d 43, 1880 (Sept)].

Most of Hannah's children have not been found in the 1881 Census despite repeated and extensive efforts. It now seems most likely that they eluded enumeration.

The 1881 Census finds William's son John Gaffin (spelt Gaffan) unmarried and boarding in a Rush household [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3959 Folio 112 Page 51]. He was then occupied as a "driller in iron". He married Mary Leatherbarrow at St. Matthias, Salford in 1882 [Marriage Index: Salford 8d 105, 1882 (June)]. The 1891 Census finds him living with his wife and children at 3, Storey Street in Salford [PRO Ref RG12 Piece 3216 Folio 18 Page 30].

His children by Hannah Beech

  1. George Francis (1) Stubbs
  2. Mary Ann (1) Stubbs
  3. John (4) Stubbs
  4. Joseph (3) Stubbs
  5. Eliza (2) Stubbs
  6. Hannah (4) Stubbs
  7. Emma (1) Stubbs
  8. William Henry (1) Stubbs
  9. and possibly others ...