Horatio Thomas (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

Horatio Thomas (1) Stubbs was born to parents Edmund Horatio (1) Stubbs and his wife Mary Ann (nee Empson). He was born on April 2nd 1835 and was christened at the Castle Gate Meeting-Independent chapel in Nottingham on April 26th 1835 [IGI: Batch C058101].

The 1841 Census finds him aged "5" living (or staying) with his grandparents William and Sarah Empson in Edward Street, St. Nicholas in Nottingham. William was occupied as a machine smith.

The 1851 Census finds him aged "16" again with William and Sarah Empson in Orchard Square, St. Nicholas where he was occupied as a day school teacher. William was still occupied as a machine smith.

Around 1861, or perhaps a little before, Horatio partnered - but at this stage did not marry - Elizabeth (nee) Shrive. Official sources spell her family surname variously as Shrive or Shrives. Born to parents George Shrive and his wife Elizabeth, she was baptised at Oundle, Northamptonshire on July 26th 1835, the register describing her father as a "victualer" [sic]. More precisely, he was the inn keeper of the Turk's Head inn in that village, as recorded in one of the Pigot's directories of that period. The 1841 Census finds her at age "7" living in New Street, Oundle with her parents and numerous siblings, George being recorded as an inn keeper. The 1851 Census finds the family living in James Street, Little Gonerby near Grantham in Lincolnshire, although Elizabeth (junior) aged "16" was living in Grantham itself in Marks Place where she was employed as a house servant for a hairdresser James Lea; at this time her father George was working as a fishmonger.

The 1861 Census finds George, his wife and several children back in Northamptonshire, now living in Wansford where he was occupied as a mail contractor. This same census finds Elizabeth (junior) now living with Horatio, but as yet with no children, at 24, Handel Street in St. Mary, Nottingham and purporting to be his wife. He is described as a railway clerk aged "26" born in Nottingham and she as aged "26" and born in Oundle.

The 1871 Census finds Horatio living with Elizabeth and three children at 311, Horton Lane in the Horton district of south-west Bradford, Yorkshire. Again they are entered as though married. He is described as a railway clerk aged "36" born in St. Nicholas, Nottingham and she as aged "36" and born in Oundle. Also in the household were his three unmarried brothers William Henry (3), James Armitage (1) and Reuben Alfred (1). He was evidently confused as to how the census required him to express the status of all those present. He described everyone, including himself, in relation to his widowed mother Mary Ann - who was then living or staying with his married sister Caroline Amelia (1) in Saddleworth - as though she, and not he, were the head of household. Consequently he assigned the status "son" to himself and to each of his brothers, "daughter-in-law" to Elizabeth and "grandson" to each of his own sons.

The 1871 Census meanwhile finds George Shrive, his wife and two children living in Eastgate, Peterborough where he was occupied as a mail cart contractor.

On September 12th 1872 Horatio and Elizabeth finally married [Marriage Index: Bradford, Y. 9b 311, 1872 (Sept)], at Bradford Register Office. It is not known why they had delayed this step for more than a decade. The marriage certificate describes Horatio as a bachelor aged "37", occupied as a book-keeper; his father is named in full and described as a commission agent, deceased. Elizabeth is described as a spinster aged "37" and her father George as a mail contractor. The witnesses were Latimer Darlington and John T. Clarke whose connections are unknown.

Horatio died aged "42" in 1877 [Death Index: Doncaster 9c 386, 1877 (Dec)].

Elizabeth died aged "43" on May 10th 1878 [Death Index: Doncaster 9c 419, 1878 (June)]. Her death certificate describes her as the "widow of Horatio Stubbs, Railway Clerk" and states that she had died at the Union Workhouse, the cause being hemiplegia [paralysis of one side, probably through stroke]. The informant was a nurse.

His children by Elizabeth Shrive

  1. William George (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Nottingham 7b 227, 1861 (Sept)]
  2. Charles Edwin (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Nottingham 7b 221, 1862 (Dec)]
  3. Horatio Thomas (2) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Nottingham 7b 225, 1867 (Sept)]
  4. and possibly others ...

These three sons were all born in St. Mary, Nottingham. William George (1) was born on June 28th 1861. The 1881 Census finds him and Horatio Thomas (2) lodging together at 2, Camden Street in Doncaster, aged "18" and "13" respectively. The first of them was occupied as a trimmer in a "plant railway works" and the other as an (unspecified) apprentice.

The 1891 Census finds William George (1) unmarried and lodging in the household of a railway shunter Thomas Hammond at 42, St. John's Road in the Balby-with-Hexthorpe district of Doncaster. He was occupied as a railway carriage trimmer. The schedule also notes that he had been deaf for ten years. The 1901 Census finds him unmarried and boarding in the household of a widow Emma E. Greaves at 11, Glyn Avenue in Doncaster. He was now occupied as a self-employed upholsterer. In 1905 he married Elizabeth (nee) Lambert [Marriage Index: Hull 9d 563, 1905 (Dec)]. She had been born in Burton-upon-Stather in Lincolnshire, not far from Hull, on April 14th 1861 [Birth Index: Glanford Brigg 7a 623, 1861 (June)]. The 1911 Census finds them living at 170, Bentley Road in the Bentley-with-Arksey urban district of Doncaster where he was occupied as an upholsterer and poultry keeper working at home on his own account. The record confirms that they had been married for five years and had produced no children; they were both now aged 49. The 1939 National Register for England and Wales finds them living at 28, Swinburne Road in Darlington and describes him as a retired smallholder. He died in 1944 [Death Index: Darlington 10a 13, 1944 (June)] and she died in 1945 [Death Index: Darlington 10a 78, 1945 (March)], both apparently intestate.

Charles Edwin (1) has not yet been found in the 1881 or 1891 Censuses. In 1890 he married Eliza Ashmore [Marriage Index: Doncaster 9c 1019, 1890 (Sept)]. The 1901 Census finds them with two children living in the household of Eliza's widowed father Thomas Ashmore at 8, John Street in Doncaster. Charles Edwin (1) was occupied as an iron turner. The two children were

The 1891 Census finds Horatio Thomas (2) - calling himself "Henry Thomas" (perhaps he was averse to the name Horatio) - unmarried and boarding in the household of a brewer's manager George Hughes at 96, Tatlock Street in Liverpool. He was occupied as a cook. In 1896 he married Catherine Egan [Marriage Index: W. Derby 8b 875, 1896 (Dec)]. The 1901 Census finds him living with Catherine and three children at 51, Chester Road in West Derby where he was occupied as a ship steward. The three children were

Horatio Thomas (2) appears to have died aged "40" in 1910 [Death Index: Birkenhead 8a 371, 1910 (March)].

The 1911 Census finds Catherine (entered as "Katherine") widowed and living with all her five children at 34, Clarendon Road in Anfield, West Derby, together with the family of her widowed sister Mary. It is not yet known when Catherine died.