John (1) Stubbs

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Brief biography

The parents of John (1) Stubbs are currently unidentified. It has been suggested by others researching this family that John (1) may have been born in 1695 at Thorpe, a hamlet lying about four miles north-west of the town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Many of his descendants, however, were born and lived in nearby Snelston, a small village about three miles south-west of Ashbourne. This area of Derbyshire lies very close to the border with Staffordshire, and consequently several events in his descendants' lives are recorded as occurring in that county.

John (1) married a Hannah (maiden name perhaps Cloose or Hancock), probably around 1729-30 and possibly in Cheshire or Staffordshire. Other researchers have identified the children below as those of John (1) and Hannah.

The village of Ipstones, where Francis (1) was christened, lies in Staffordshire about ten miles north-west of Snelston; the IGI record omits the name of his mother. Fenny Bentley, where Anthony (1) was christened, is a village lying about 4 miles north of Ashbourne.

It is not known for sure when or where John (1) or his wife Hannah died, but the Snelston registers record the burials there of a John Stubbs (age not cited) on February 4th 1776 and a Hannah "the wife of John" (age not cited) on September 1st 1768.

Nothing more is currently known of him.

His children by Hannah ... (nee ?)

  1. Francis (1) Stubbs - christened on June 14th 1730 at Ipstones, Staffordshire [IGI: Batch C096841]
  2. John (2) Stubbs - christened on August 13th 1732 at Snelston, Derbyshire [IGI: Batch C058952]
  3. Rebecca (1) Stubbs - christened on June 8th 1735 at Snelston, Derbyshire [IGI: Batch C058952]
  4. Anthony (1) Stubbs - christened on February 19th 1737 at Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire
  5. Thomas (1) Stubbs
  6. and perhaps ... William (1) Stubbs
  7. and possibly others ...

John (2) married Edith (nee) Hill on October 8th 1758 [IGI: Film 455817]. They were married at Rocester, about 6 miles south-west of Snelston and just inside the Staffordshire border. John (2) was buried aged "64" at Snelston on March 23rd 1796.

Rebecca (1) - who had a child Hannah (father not yet known) - was buried at Snelston on January 10th 1762.