John (3) Stubbs

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Brief biography

John (3) Stubbs was born around 1831 in Nottingham to parents Joseph (1) Stubbs and his wife Harriet (nee Reddish). A christening record has not yet been found for him.

The 1841 Census finds him aged "10" living with his parents in Sherwood Street, Radford in Nottingham. His future first wife was Mary Elizabeth Warren, born around 1832 in Bradninch, Devon. The 1841 Census appears to find her aged "8" living in Fore Street, Bradninch with her parents John - a schoolmaster - and Jane. Next door was the family of Peter Warren - a shopkeeper - who was certainly the father of John (3)'s future second wife Mary Warren, born subsequently in Bradninch around 1845. It is probable that John and Peter were brothers, making John (3)'s two wives first cousins.

The 1851 Census finds John (3) aged "19" and unmarried, living with his widowed father in Chapel Street, Basford in Nottingham and occupied as a lace designer - lace-making then being a famed industry in Nottingham. The same census appears to find Mary Elizabeth Warren aged "18" occupied as a child's nurse in the household of a merchant Frederick Hertzel in James Street, Holy Trinity Parish, Exeter. The same census finds Mary Warren aged "7" living with her parents Peter and Mary in Bradninch.

In 1856 John (3) married in Devon to Mary Elizabeth Warren [Marriage Index: Tiverton 5b 741, 1856 (March)], by whom he produced at least the two children listed below.

The 1861 Census finds him aged "30" living with her and their first child John Warren (1) at the School House, 48, Church Street, St. Olave in Rotherhithe, Surrey. He was occupied as a teacher in a boys' school. This school was situated next to the Rotherhithe Rectory at No. 47.

Mary Elizabeth died aged "38" in Rotherhithe in 1870 [Death Index: St. Olave 1d 197, 1870 (Dec)].

The 1871 Census finds John (3) aged "40" widowed and living with just his son John Warren (1) at the former address 48, Church Street in Rotherhithe. He was again occupied as a schoolmaster. The same census finds Mary Warren living in the household of her brother William Ellis Warren - another schoolmaster - at the School House in Church Street, Paignton in Devon.

Later in 1871 John (3) remarried to Mary Warren [Marriage Index: Tiverton 5b 687, 1871 (Sept)] and by her produced at least the eleven children listed below, six of whom died in infancy.

The 1881 Census finds John (3) aged "48" living with Mary and seven children, including one from his first marriage, in Edward Street, Truro in Cornwall. He was still occupied as a schoolmaster.

The 1891 Census finds John (3) aged "60" living with Mary and three children in Bampton Street, Tiverton in Devon. He was now occupied as a tobacconist.

The 1901 Census finds John (3) aged "70" living with Mary and three children at 8, Bampton Street in Tiverton. He was still occupied as a tobacconist.

John (3) died on April 26th 1919 aged "88" [Death Index: Plymouth 5b 288, 1919 (June)]. He had been living at 3, South View Park in Compton, Plymouth. Probate was granted on July 8th to his son Francis Walter (1), described as a draper.

His widow Mary died in 1930 aged "85" [Death Index: Plymouth 5b 271, 1930 (June)].

His children by Mary Elizabeth Warren

  1. John Warren (1) Stubbs
  2. Florence Elizabeth Jane (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Rotherhithe 1d 669, 1869 (Sept)]
  3. and possibly others ...

The 1871 Census finds Florence Elizabeth Jane (1) aged "2" boarding in the household of a tailor William Quick in Fore Street, Bradninch in Devon. She was living with her father in the 1881 and 1891 censuses. The 1901 Census finds her unmarried and living with her father and occupied as a tobacconist's assistant. She died in 1925 aged 55 [Death Index: Plymouth 5b 328, 1925 (March)].

His children by Mary Warren

  1. Percival (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: St. Olave 1d 293, 1872 (Sept)]
  2. Frederick John (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Tiverton 5b 424, 1874 (June)]
  3. Francis Walter (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Tiverton 5b 413, 1875 (June)]
  4. Mary (3) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Tiverton 5b 437, 1877 (March)], [Death Index: Truro 5c 96, 1877 (Sept)]
  5. Mary Emily (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Truro 5c 171, 1878 (June)]
  6. Beatrice (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Truro 5c 151(or 161), 1880 (March)]
  7. Ernest Arthur G. (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Truro 5c 151, 1881 (June)], [Death Index: Truro 5c 110, 1881 (June)]
  8. Amy Ethel (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Tiverton 5b 447, 1882 (June)], [Death Index: Tiverton 5b 257, 1882 (Sept)]
  9. Arthur Ernest (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Tiverton 5b 447, 1882 (June)] (also), died in 2nd quarter of 1883
  10. William Arthur (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Tiverton 5b 423, 1883 (June)], [Death Index: Tiverton 5b 281, 1883 (Dec)]
  11. Albert John (1) Stubbs - [Birth Index: Tiverton 5b 427, 1884 (Dec)], [Death Index: Tiverton 5b 308, 1886 June]
  12. and possibly others ...

The 1891 Census finds Percival (1) in the household of his half-brother John Warren (1) in Newington St. Mary, London and occupied as a draper's assistant. He has not been found in the 1901 Census.

The 1891 Census finds Frederick John (1) living in Gold Street, Tiverton in the household of a clothier and outfitter Hugh Cross Wakefield for whom he was working as an apprentice. A descendant reports that he emigrated to Cape Town in 1900 and settled there in the fishing industry. He married Grace Brown and died in 1940 in South Africa (possibly where he met and married Grace).

The 1901 Census finds Francis Walter (1) living with his father and occupied as a draper. He married in 1905 [Marriage Index: Pancras 1b 45, 1905 (Dec)] and produced a son Cyril (1) Stubbs. He died in 1951 [Death Index: Wood Green 5f 563, 1951 (June)].

The 1901 Census finds Mary Emily (1) living with her father and occupied as a milliner. She married in 1919 to Albert John Day [Marriage Index: Plymouth 5b 475, 1919 (March)].

The 1901 Census finds Beatrice (1) aged 21 and unmarried living with a very large number of drapery employees and clerks at Nos. 36-40, Bedford Street in Plymouth, Devon, where she was occupied as a draper's assistant. She married in 1905 to Harry Steer Wood [Marriage Index: Tiverton 5b 859, 1905 (Sept)].